Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Lazy Blogger, Thrifting and a Nasty Trip to the DMV

Yeah yeah, I'm so good at following through with my new vows to blog again. I gotta get back on this! Truth is.. there is always SO much to do. Between cleaning up, laundry, working on projects or actual work-work for my job PLUS Jude, I barely even remember the idea of blogging. Even if I think of it, I just feel so tired from being so busy, that sitting down to write to whoever actually reads this thing seems like the last thing I feel like doing. Stinky. Like I said, I just gotta get back into my groove. Alanna's gonna get her groove back, just you wait. Ha.

So, I'm not even sure where or how to jump in after being MIA for so long - Do I just start writing about Jude as he is almost 6 months old (next week, holy canotes!)? Or do I backtrack it all so it all flows chronologically? Haaalp! I know it's really up to me. I feel like I need to just write as things are now, and fill in the blanks later.

Just a little "Jude Update": He's doing awesome! Justin gave him his first haircut! He was so wobbly and wiggly while I was holding him. It was a lot trickier than I thought it would be! He looks like such a spiffy little man now.. I love it. Been eating veggies - beans, sweet potatoes, peas.. He's sucha trooper.

Mmmmm sweet potatoes!
We've tried a little rice cereal too, which I think has definitely caused a little constipation (poor lil guy). So much troubleshooting with this food stuff. I still feel so lost, like I have no idea what I'm doing. Even with all the research and advice, everyone seems to still give me their opinion on what to do - whether I ask for it or not. So much help and direction, either way, is appreciated.. although it adds stress because everyone seems to be saying different things. I'm just going to keep going the way I have been. As long as Jude's happy, we're happy!

Over the last several years, I have slowly collected glassware, dishware and a biggo load of milkglass. Ohhh, sweet milkglass. I can't get enough. Aside from loving the beauty of it, I love the constantly different shapes and sizes of pieces I don't have yet or have never even seen before and the ease of finding it in thrift stores, garage sales or junk markets for dirt cheap. I love it. I've built quite the collection over the past couple years. I'm not even sure how many pieces I have total. I have an idea, but I need to do a count someday.

About 1/4 of my mammoth collection. The rest of them are in boxes and storage. I need a bigger place to store it all!
My mom and I went to a junk market this weekend - it was really fun to walk around with Jude. He does so well in his little carseat/stroller, looking around, observing me (or whoever's pushing him) and people-watching. So cute. I have a feeling he will be a patient little guy during my thrift stops and exploring. I hope so, anyway. I came across some awesome milk glass pieces - I love the unique ones I've never seen before. Most of the stuff we saw was way overpriced. I can usually find a standard vase for 50¢ or $1.00. Sometimes it's worth spending a little more if they are the unique pieces you never come across, but it's usually hard for me to justify. Earlier this past Spring, we were in Wisconsin and I landed a garage sale with milk glass for 10¢ a piece! Woohoo! It melts my heart with friends or fam find milkglass around sales or thrift stores and think of me or get a few and surprise me with them. I love it! Anyway, I think I've rambled enough about my milkglass obsession.

The other day, Justin and I finally hit up the DMV to transfer our South Carolina plates. Yes, LONG OVERDUE. It felt really good though. Bittersweet actually. Gonna really miss those SC plates with the sunset and palmetto reminding us of those years down south. Feels weird to have MN plates like just about everyone else now. Borrriiing. Ha!

Aside from getting new plates, we took the plunge and attempted to transfer our licenses as well. Unfortunately, in MN, if you've lived out of this state for more than so many years, you have to retake the written driving test. UGH! I'm not even kidding. I did just fine, taking it after Driver's Ed 12 years ago and figured "how bad can it be?" to retake it. Since J took the morning off so we could get it all done + we had Jude, I knew it could be a challenge. He had been doing pretty well until the moment I sat down and put on those puffy 1990's headphones to take that stinkin' old-school driver's test.

The DMV guy was really nice. He was kinda comical and friendly, reminding me of the Old Spice guy. It was nice of him to put me on a computer on the end, so I could park his stroller right next to me. Justin was a few computers down from me. Not even a second after I began, I could feel Jude stirring and getting antsy. It was lunchtime for him and I was attached to those janky headphones and couldn't even hear if he was fussing or not. Well, he was. And I'm sure he was disturbing the people in line or waiting to take the test. Yes - I was that mom. After every question I answered, I'm trying to stick his pacifier back in his mouth and trying to roll the stroller back and forth. I was keeping track of the answers I was getting wrong.. 4 wrong. Shoot. 5.. 6.. Ughhhh. I was so distracted and honestly, HOW would I remember how many feet to stay behind certain vehicles or away from bicyclists..?? I just keep a safe distance away! I don't count the actual feet. Does anyone actually do that? For crying out loud, I thought residential speed was supposed to be somewhat slow.. 15mph? Nope. 30. 30mph! I mean, I'm a decent driver.. never been in an accident.. It's honestly all of those stupid rules that everyone forgets anyway. As the test ended, I squinted as I waited for the results to come up.

Blinking with the "errkk" sound: FAIL FAIL FAIL

Are you kidding me? I failed. I was so disappointed in myself (still am!). I got up quickly, hoping the screen would go away before the next person sat down. I looked over at Justin - who looked at me long enough to see my shake my head "no" and he kept going. Ugh, the worst feeling. I walked back toward the counter and yep - screen still blinked FAIL FAIL FAIL. Boooo. It totally reminded me of License to Drive. Except, I'm not 16 and living in an 80's movie. I reached the counter and Old Spice Guy just smiled and quietly said, "Hey! No big deal at all.. no big deal.. just come back and take it again..". At least he didn't make me feel like a major loser. Ughh, still.

The worst part was walking out MN-licenseless all the teeny boppers running around with their shiny new ID's and all smiley as they get their pictures taken. Booooo. Can't wait to study and go back for round 2. Next time, though, I will attempt it without Jude. Stinks. In the meantime, I can still rock my SC license - although I know it's a pretty big deal to transfer the thing over ASAP.

Getting excited for Justin's fam to visit again this weekend. Praying for good weather! I better get back to cleaning. Seems like, no matter how much cleaning I do, it's never done! Ahh, life of a momma.


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