Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Tropical Birthday Surprise + A Nautical Dessert Party

Back in December, my bro-in-law, Jordan called me looking for some help in throwing together a little birthday party for my youngest sister Lanae! Of course, I began thinking of some fun little ideas and after running a few by him, we decided to go with a nautical-inspired dessert party. Jordan really wanted to go out for dinner with my family and somehow surprise Lanae as well. We decided on a restaurant (old, but new to us) called Psycho Suzi's. From what I knew about Psycho Suzi's, the place looked like a rundown VFW or sketchy warehouse, but inside it was a tropical paradise! Jordan left most of the details to me - he planned to meet us for dinner and then "nonchalantly" head back to my parents for a fun little party - little did Lanae know!

"What are you guys doing here?!"


Mom and the boys (minus Mitch & Jon)

Dad and Vaness

After our fun little birthday dinner, my mom, Vanessa and I rushed back to the house to get the rest of the food put out while the boys and Lanae made a quick stop at Walgreen's for a little 'delay'.. It was all timed quite perfectly. She was SO surprised!

I've thrown a couple nautical/beach-inspired parties in the past, and I really wanted this one to be somewhat original. I decided to go with more "mature" beach elements, focusing on navy and white. I was excited to reuse a few things I had spent hours making for Justin's Surf's Up Birthday Party last March - the mock capiz shell garland, shell pomanders + a couple beachy recipes.

I love incorporating memories into birthday parties.. Memories are priceless! I gathered a collection of favorites from everyone in the fam and printed them onto flags. This is the first "memory" garland I've made.. I thought it turned out so stinkin' cute!

included a compiled mix of songs by South, Dandy Warhols, JET, Doves, Turin Brakes, Spoon, Alexi Murdoch, Phantom Planet, Eels, The Killers, Nada Surf, Perishers, Keane, Beck, Aqueduct, Imogen Heap and more!



Happy Birthday, Nae!


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Friday, January 6, 2012

New Years in Galena

Justin and I were really fortunate to be able to take some time off work after Christmas through New Years! We planned a little trip to see his family in Wisconsin (I can't believe I didn't take more pictures!), plus I'd get to finally spend some time with my bestie, Marta - It's been way too long!

We drove into Gratiot to spend a few days with the fam before spending the weekend in Galena. We celebrated Levi's birthday and I relaxed the most I had in months. Augh, so nice! We ate Casey's pizza (apparently, legendary) and exchanged Christmas gifts.. Lukus gave me some incredible white appetizer plates for me to use for all of my parties, plus some other sweet gifts! It was so nice of his parents to move some things around in the basement to make it even cozier for us to stay. They arranged a new little room for us and a hangout area for all the "kids" to hang once it started getting late.

Jamming and freestyling with Levi. He even let me name all of his songs!

Later in the week, we spent an afternoon in New Glarus, WI with Justin's bros and Marta! Lunch at the NG Hotel and exploring Little Switzerland's bakery, cheese shop and meat shop. What a fun day!

Like a 'kid in a sweet shop' - haha
And then the snow began to fall..
Headed to the NG Brewery, crammed in the back of the Element

Our condo for New Year's weekend - Marta hooked us up with! The old Galena High School, overlooking downtown Galena

Two amazing things: Skrillex & Egg Rolls
Only 3,000 steps to climb to get to Main Street

Live music and hanging with friends at Embe
Thennn the sock-mittens came out..
Getting ready to say 'goodbye'
Hangin' with G before we headed back to his parent's house
Say, Whaat?!


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