Friday, October 29, 2010

Broken Glass, Broken Hearts, Pa Pa Power

One of my favorite albums this time of year is Dead Man's Bones. In case you don't recognize him, good ol' Ryan Gosling (far right) leads the sweet little band with his buddy Zach Shields. For their first (and only) album - which came out a little over a year ago - they featured the Silverlake Conservatory Children's Choir. I saw some interview Ryan did about releasing an album and his inspiration, etc. If it's not obvious, the basic theme of it is old-school horror.. Vampires, zombies, monsters, etc. It's totally creepy and cute at the same time.

Dead Man's Bones + Silverlake Conservatory Children's Choir


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[Lyrics - Dead Man's Bones]

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Little Blog is 1 Year Old!

Speaking of anniversaries...

My little blog is 1 year old!

It all began with my very first post (after many attempts of cheesy/random college-years blogging) about our trip to Charleston for Justin and my 1st wedding anniversary. It's crazy how much has happened in this last year. Of all the crazy stories and "are you kidding me" moments.. I'm so glad Stacie pushed me to start writing and sharing it with the world.

You know who you are.. Thanks for following and being a part of my life! ♥


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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2 Years of Marriage & 10 of My Favorite Moments

It's hard to believe Justin and I have been married for 2 YEARS.

Yesterday was our anniversary. 2 years seems like nothing.. but at the same time it seems like it's been way longer. He really makes me so happy. My best friend, my buddy, my love.

I know I talk about him all the time. In an older post, I talked about Our Wedding Story, how we met and dated long-distance for years. 5 years of dating is a pretty long time. Just last week, I couldn't believe that I have known him for a total of 7 years now. God couldn't have designed a better match for me.

To be honest, this year we knew we really couldn't do anything for our anniversary. For the last few months, we've been pumping ourselves up for a beach trip, since that's where we were married. Unfortunately, when we returned from MN (a month or so ago), we were slammed with a bunch of unexpected expenses. Poor Justin was still recovering from a busted toe and our plans changed. It has been far from easy. It's really humbling how much our friends and family have blessed us with support/encouragement. God always seems to keep us floating.. it's amazing.

So. Going to the beach was out. (It was even a little more OK, since my good friend Courtney's wedding was Saturday, and we would have missed it). We had no anniversary plans, until we received a card from my best friend (who I met in college), Marta. By the way, I am blown away by how many people remember our anniversary. I rarely even rememebr someone's birthday (thank you, Facebook). Even last year, aside from some sweet cards, Vanessa and Jon sent us a gift card to Bed Bath & Beyond so I could get a food processor. How thoughtful and generous!

Marta's card was so sweet! It had 2 old people on the front with sparkling clothes.. totally hysterical, totally Marta. Inside the card was the funnest letter, a beachy air freshener and 2 gift cards. One to P.F. Changs and one for Target. Are you kidding me? Of course I got a little teary. After everything we've been going through, we were able to celebrate our anniversary at one of our favorite date places.

I spent the day making our apartment sparkling clean, tracking down a loaner camera since mine's busted (thanks, Tiff!), and making a quick trip to Justin's work to sneak a little surprise starfish and card into his car. I even made it home with enough time to make one of his favorite childhood desserts - Funny Cake. He was pretty happy when he got home from his 10-hour workday! We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and just being together. 

The good ol' P.F. horse

Me and my cute hubby
We had the greatest evening, eating yumski food and remebering our wedding day by randomly telling eachother, "Hey! Exactly 2 years ago, we were walking down the aisle!" and "Hey! Exactly 2 years ago, we were dancing on the rooftop of the beach house!"  After dinner, we strolled over to Target to grab a movie to watch when we got home. Right before bed, I found a poem on my nightstand.. I read it and the moment with him was priceless. Even though it wasn't the beach, our anniversary was simply perfect. I honestly can't thank Marta enough for being so thoughtful and making it possible for us to celebrate our special day the way she did. I guess I'll just have to find a way to make it up to her in 4 weeks when she comes down to visit (wheeee!!!).

Jusssst because it's our anniversary...
Though it's practically impossible to narrow it down, I wanted to share 10 of my favorite moments since we've been married..
  1. The time we went on a cruise for our Honeymoon. Hundreds of memories there, but especially, the day we spent at Magen's Bay in St. Thomas.
  2. The time we decided to buy our first pet together - a Beta fish, whom we named Hercules. He lasted a good 6 months.
  3. The time he surprised me on my birthday with Romeo (our pup). I had NO idea he was searching  and talking to breeders. When he walked in with him, I thought I was gonna die.
  4. The time he surprised me with a weekend in Asheville for our 6-month anniversary. He booked a hotel and set everything up. We had the best weekend, walking around and spontaneously rocking out at an amazing concert.
  5. The time he asked me what I wanted to do one night, I told him I wanted to go to the beach and we got in the car and went. We watched the sunrise together and Romeo came too.
  6. The time we got a flat tire on our way home from the Midwest, and he comforted me while I practically had a nervous breakdown. We can laugh about that now..
  7. The time we waited outside of the Variety Playhouse (in the freezing rain) 5 hours before Imogen Heap's show. It was all worth it when we got to meet her (eeep!) and had the best view of the entire show.. AND the time we went to the Thrice and Brand New concert in Charlotte. I almost died in the mosh pit and I thought I broke my flipflop.
  8. The time we spent Christmas in Virginia with Justin's family. One of the nights I hung out with all the brothers and we all almost wet our pants laughing while playing a silly game.
  9. The time Justin wrote me a song for Valentine's Day. I cried.
  10. The time we went to see MUSE with my mom and sisters.

I can't imagine my life without him. I love him more than he will ever know!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall is My Favorite

Nothing compares to Fall. Well.. I guess Summer compares. I love Summer too, but Fall? Ohhh.. it's the best. The weather, the leaves, the layers, the seasonal drinks at Starbs, the wedding anniversary.. I love it.

Feeling inspired, and my obsession with weheartit continues..


What I'm listening to: Kings Of Leon


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Friday, October 22, 2010

Be All That You Can Be --

When my brother told me he was gonna join the Army, I thought he was totally all-talk. My sweet, little brother.. a fan of Thomas the Train, legos and pestering his holder sisters.. an immature, noise-making, farting middle schooler.. a chick-magnet, video-game-obsessed high schooler.. my brother has grown up. I think the first thing I said to him [in response to the Army plans], was "It's not the same as playing a video game, you know!!" I think all he said back to me was his infamous, "Really??? Wow." Ohh, little buddy..

Turns out, his Army-talk wasn't all-talk. It took a little getting-used-to for my Mum, who was (of course) concerned for his safety, yet so incredibly supportive. My dad was totally supportive of him joining too. I've learned a little bit more as his plans have progressed.. He joined the Army National Guard, which I know is less intense than other Military groups (Navy Seals, Marines, etc.) and he's studying Diesel Mechanics. I'm so proud of him, because he became really assertive about the whole thing, even becoming a top recruiter for the Natl. Guard, which he earned an award for. He's only 19! My little brother has grown up. Well.. for the most part..

In the past few months, Mitch has chronically been saying "meow". Uhh.. sounds strange as I type it, but if you have ever seen the movie Super Troopers - a movie about prankster State Troopers (I can't say I recommed it..) - there's a scene in which one of the officers are dared to insert 'meow' as many times as possible while pulling someone over. It's actually pretty hysterical:

Of course Mitch has been immitating this, and he 'meows' so much now, that all of his friends are meowing. My favorite part of this whole "phase" he's in? He calls it a "Meowvolution". Oh my word, Mitch.. I've heard it all. Before he left, I was so nervous that he would be verbally ripped to shreds and he'd be stuck washing the cafeteria floor with a toothbrush from 'meowing' his sergeants to death. In his letter he did tell me he got all 138 soldiers of his company meowing. Oh, Mitch. Of course you did.

Anyway.. I was so lucky to be home (a month ago) for his 'send off', as he is now in Fort Jackson for Basic Training (aka - boot camp). Of course, saying "goodbye" is an emotional affair. It's so crazy to think that now that we are back home, we're only like an hour and a half away from him. I so wish I could sneak into his base and bring him some sweatpants and Taco Bell.

Since he's been gone, I've sent him 3 letters. I actually should be sending more, because I know how much those guys cherish mail. I received my first letter from him a few days ago, and a phone call almost 2 weeks ago. I'm so emotional. Apparently, as rough as boot camp is, Mitch was lucky enough to get one of the better Drill Sergeants on the base. His unit or company or Infantry Regiment or whatever it is, is one of the only one's with a Facebook page, which gives updates and photos of the latest.He wrote about sleeping with his M-16 gun and what crazy times they have to wake up and train. I know he's working his little bum off.

It's been pretty cool to hear some of the letters he's written to my family back home. God is doing some pretty huge things in his life, as well as in his fellow soldier-brothers. It makes me so extremely proud of him. I knew he'd "leave a boy and return a man" after all of his training, but it's so incredible to see it happening. He's learning so much right now.. I wish I could talk to him and be a part of it. God has been getting a real hold on him, affecting his attitude and motivation. I love it, I could just scream.

Here's a few photos I copied from his company's Facebook page..

Pretty sure I'd barf just looking at this. I'm not scared of heights or anything, I'm just a wimp.

Little Soldiers!

This is one of my FAVORITES. [He is the soldier closest to the right.] Check out his big grin! Ahh! I keep telling my Mom that he flashed a smile to secretly give her some comfort, knowing he's doing OK in there. In his letter, he told me to look for this one too, that he's 'holding his baby' (his gun) and he's all-smiles. I miss him so much.

[I'm pretty sure he's the one in front of the guy with his head down, back row, left of the tree.]

Taking a little break..

This photo, he's totally smiling again! [He's toward the left, standing near the guy who's mostly bent over]

Ohh, Mitchy.. my little soldier brother. Can't wait to see him December 2nd for Graduation!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Baby Shower Inspired by a Woodland Forest

As soon as the girls in my Shepherding Group and I began talking about planning a little boy baby shower for our dear friend Erin, I have been brainstorming nonstop! Another party -- Eeee!

My friend Jody and I were in charge of organizing decor. Ohh, decor. My FAVE. Since I was outta town for a couple weeks, planning didn't really start until a little over a week ago. There had been talk about going with a woodland/forest/fall theme, so I had been looking up ideas for inspiration on all the regular blogs I follow. We found a lot of great inspiration from some of the blogs, especially with felted acorns. All I can say, is Jody and I had a blast creating some pretty awesome, DIY things. Thankfully, Jody is megacrafty like myself, so getting in a fabulous-shower-groove wasn't too difficult. Of course, not many DIY's and amazing decor ideas aren't always cheap, quick-and-easy or stress-free, but it was totally worth it.

Jody and I made each of these fabulous balls by hand! She hand-wound the yarn and twine, I did the moss.

We found some incredible, textured moss at Hobby Lobby.. Jody used wool yarn from her collection (used to crochet Erin's baby blanket).

When looking for inspiration, we came across some "felted acorns". Jody said, "I'm totally gonna do that!" Oh my word, I almost died when I saw them.

Jody made her mouth-watering German Chicken Salad. (I found some pinecones behind our apartment, to use for the food label holders.. Turned out really cute!)

Jody's homemade Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes! 
I made these cute little owl toothpick-toppers..
Credit: Illustrator/artist - del4yo, found here, also see credit below.

Jody hand-dipped pretzel rods in milk chocolate, covered with cinnamon/sugar peanuts (gah!).. We also did these in mini's for the favors..

Bethany made these adorable Caramel Apples with little owl-faces!

Beth made some de-LISH deviled eggs.. (She also found the most yummy, gigantic grapes!)

Favors -- Mini Hand-Dipped Pretzels..

We cut each of these little flags and strung them on hemp-cord. The more we moved the flags around on the cord, the more it frayed -- giving it sort of a twine-ish look.

For our main centerpiece, we combined some sweet, furry green stems (Hobby Lobby) with some branches I 've had for a while, from ZGallerie

{Jody & Me} Proud of all our hard work!

Erin (Mommy-to-Be), Jody, Michelle, Me & Beth

We hung more of our flags in the living room (with a little bowl of pinecones & pumpkins).

Michelle made some really good Apple Cider Punch

Wishing Tree!
Michelle found some awesome branches to make the perfect "tree".

Hand-sewn owl pillow made by Erin's Mom-in-Law

Erin's sister made the cutest baby mobile
After the party began to die down, we posed for a Shepherding Group girls' photo + a few friends!


[Photos: Jody Peach]

[Owl illustrations - del4yo - used with the authorization of the author. Please be warned NOT to copy or use these images without contacting illustrator first.

I just wanted to mention.. The images were actually found - exactly as you see them - in a speedy Google-search in preparing for this shower. Among several owl images we found, we chose and quickly began using them and cutting them out, ultimately failing to locate the original source. Unfortunately, there was no watermarking on the single jpeg image that was stumbled upon (containing 4 little owls) - as we would never intentionally use, share, sell or especially "take credit" for images we didn't create.

I have in no way attempted to sell or take credit of the images.

Upon contact from del4yo, I immediately and genuinely apologized for the unintentional usage of her illustrations (posted on my blog and featured on Ohdeedoh without a clear, known source + permission). I immediately provided credit, as well as offered to remove any image - including the entire feature and post seen here. I still feel bad that the situation even happened as it did. Our goal was to plan and create a fun baby shower for our friend. It was absent-minded and careless to use images and post them without identifying the original source first. If the images had been found on del4yo's adorable site or contained any markings, we most definitely would have asked permission before using, or we wouldn't have used them at all. Regardless, credit should have been given prior to posting, and all posts have been credited accordingly. I know that I have taken the correct and immediate steps to resolve any hard feelings or accusations of dishonesty.

absolutely understand the severity of using ANY images/illustrations without permission of any creator or source and since this post in 2010, I have continued to source any images found/used as accurately and specifically as possible.


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