Friday, November 27, 2009

Santa Baby...

I have been looking through some of my favorite cosmetic lines and their Holiday Collections for 2009. I have to say, Santa, I've been very good this year! As I have been in the cosmetics industry for over 6 years now and a freelance makeup artist and PA for Shiseido Cosmetics I highly doubt I need any more makeup. But then again, who said anything about need...I WANT!

[Collection Cage Doree De Chanel]

The Chanel 2009 Holiday Collection is incredible. It's a tad "hello, summer" to me, but I'm loving the flamingo pink and peacock blue! The collection was inspired by exotic birds, hence its name, Birds of Paradise. The tweed highlighter is incredible, and the polish? I'll take 5 of everything. Beautiful.

[Les Tissages Lames de Chanel / Shimmering Tweed Highlighter]

[Professional Eyeliner Duo in Celadon-Lame (Green/Black)]

[Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow in Bird of Paradise]

[Gorgeous Le Vernis Nail Polish in Trapeze (Limited)]

[Holiday Featured Lip Collection 2009 Includes: Aqualumiere in Maldives, Galapagos, Grenada and Tasmania; Aqualumiere Gloss in Colibri, Hirondelle and Canari]

[Sources: Makeup & Beauty Blog, Temptalia, Chanel]


Luckily, I have been given a little "sneak preview" of this amazing collection earlier this summer and it is absolutely phenomenal. Dick Page's brand new line of shadows literally blend like butter. I know, because I use them on clients and they sell left and right. I'm totally in love the new metallics going on here. This collection is totally fresh and original.

The 2009 Holiday Collection includes:
Luminizing Satin Eye Colors in Pyrite Crystal, Pyrite Sun, and Blue Stone
Perfect Mascara in Intense Teal
Smoothing Eyeliner Pencil in Golden Green
Perfect Rouge Lipstick in Rose Quartz
Transluscent Loose Powder in Septarian (Delicate Pale Gold)

[Source: Shiseido]


Again, more metallics, greys, plums and the sexy smoke. Forever a fan. ♥

[Limited Edition Chrome Eye Shadows in Silver, Gold and Pewter]

[Limited Edition Lip Colors in Port, Chrome Metallic and Plum Pearl Metallic]

[Bobbi's Award-Winning Gel Eye Liner in Black Ink, Available in 16 other colors]

[Source: Bobbi Brown]


Christian Dior's 2009 Collection was inspired by Aurora Borealis crystal, created by Swarovski for Dior in the mid-50's. The Collection focuses on iridescent pinks, lilacs and metallics.

[5-Colour Iridescent Eyeshadow in Smoky Crystal]

[Crystal Boreal Eye Shadow in Purple and Silver Gem, embossed with crystal pattern]

[Rouge Dior - Creme De Gloss in Sweet Praline]

[“Cristal Boréal” - "An oval pendant, inspired by the shape of the neo-Louis XVI chairs that Christian Dior loved, is adorned with 52 Swarovski crystals of which 4 are Aurore Boréale. This pendant contains a crystal-effect gloss declined in one easy-to-wear shade: Pink Crystal. A true makeup jewel for precious iridescent lips". Availabile in Specialty Stores]

[Source: Tempalia, Christian Dior]


Metallics, Metallics, Metallics!!! MAC's Holiday Collection is playful, fun and sparkling! It's all about combining hot and cold with a "Baroque Boudoir" luxe theme, including the usual dramatic punches that makes MAC what it is.

MAC's 2009 Holiday Collection includes:

MAC Holiday 2009 Lipstick:
Pervette (soft bright pink with violet opalescent shimmer)
Utter Fun (fuchsia cherry pink)
Surprise Me (mid-tone peach)
Total Wow! (blue pink berry)

MAC Holiday 2009 Dazzleglass:
She-Zam Sheer (silver with silver and red pearl)
Jingle Jangle (sheer yellow peach)
Phiff! (yellow pink with red and sapphire pearl)

MAC Holiday 2009 Cremesheen Glass:
Ever So Rich (sheer lilac)
Partial to Pink (light creamy yellow pink w/light gold pearl)
Boy Bait (light neutral beige with pearl)

Softsparkle Eye Pencil:
Iris Accents (pale violet with silver pearl)
Nightsky (true black with silver pearl)

Mineralize Blush:
Su perdu pernatural (mid-tone coral)
Conjure Up Dirty (mid-tone plum)

MAC Holiday 2009 Nail Lacquer:
$$$ Yes Metallic (silver foil)
Lucky Number (metallic blue pink)

[Pictured - It's A Miracle / Crescent (gold)]

MAC Holiday 2009 Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo:
Devil-May (light violet) / Crescent (silver)
Under Your Spell Base (light yellow, peach pink) / Crescent (rich copper)
Mayhem Base (dirty brown gold) / Crescent (silver)
Midnight Madness Base (dirty grey brown) / Crescent (gold)
It's A Miracle Base (deep blue burgundy) / Crescent (gold)
Blue Sorcery Base (bright turquoise) / Crescent (silver)

[Sources: Musings of a Muse, MAC]


Lancôme went with a different route... Instead of the similar metallics and iridescents seen with the previous collections, Lancôme chose to go more rich and seductive with sultry reds and plums. Althought I'm not a ruby-red lipstick wearer, I absolutely love the Collection. Plus, Kate Winslet is flawless.

The Collection includes:

Sparkling Cherub Illuminating Powder
Color Design Cream Eye Shadow in Pink Lace, Garter Belt and Haute Smoke
Ink Artliner in Plum Tease and Brun Mystere
Holiday Eye & Cheek Palette in Evening Splendor, Nude Seduction and Plum Irresistible
La Laque Fever Lipshine in Captivating, Untamed Plum, Seductively. Evening Splendor, Feverish
L'Absolu Rouge in Luxe, Crushed Rose, Coquette, Rouge Seduction
Le Lipstique in Rougelle
Ôscillation Mascara in Sparkle Silver Top Coat, Sparkle Gold Top Coat and Black
La Vernis in Untamed Plum and In All Her Splendor

[Sources: Beautifulmakeupsearch, Lancome]


I thought YSL's focus was totally couture, power, luxe, typical YSL. I've always loved YSL..It's very glammy rock! Enjoy.


[PALETTE DUO POUR LES LÈVRES - Rose Beige/Champagne]

[Mini Touche Blush N°11 - Coral Beige Blush]

[Rouge Pur Lipstick: Black Tulip, Sublime Red, Sweet Dark Purple and Pink Grenadine]

[Golden Gloss: Golden Cherry, a rich red and Golden Lavander, a subtle mauve]




Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Throw A Stranger An Unexpected Smile --

I can't even describe how amazing it is to see Imogen Heap perform. Her music is like nothing else! Justin and I had the best time, an adventure of course. We left Greenville early in the afternoon to head down to Atlanta to the Variety Playhouse where she was performing with Back Ted N-Ted and Tim Exile. Of course, I had to check the weather, knowing that we would be waiting outside the venue doors for HOURS before the show, and we had to be prepared. Weather report: 47 degrees and nonstop rain. Eugh, typical.

[We arrived at the Variety Playhouse around 3:30pm - TOTALLY WORTH IT!]

[Luckily we had our tickets for months before the show!]

We actually made pretty good time, which helped with my anxious excitement to just get there! What we thought would be a soggy, miserable, boring wait, ended up being quite eventful! When we first arrived, we were surprised to see that no one else was waiting outside the doors (which were locked), but it was perfectly fine with us. We found a nice little spot to lean up against the wall and made ourselves comfortable for the next 4.5 hours. Within the first 45 minutes of sitting there, a man and women walk right out of the front doors we were posted at. Within a half-a-second, I realized it. IT WAS IMOGEN! What was she doing walking out the front of this place?! Was she coming back through the front?! Ah!! It was cool, because we noticed the man she was walking quickly with was holding a Bible under his arm. Wide-eyed, I vow to Justin, "If she comes back through the front, I HAVE to get a picture with her!!! Get ready, baby!" A little time went by, we were pretty occupied, huddling together to stay warm, watching a movie on my 2-inch ipod screen and then all of a sudden.. HEAP.

Don't panic. Be cool. Be COOL!! In my breeziest, non-psycho, yet Imogen-obsessed voice, I managed to say her name. Have you ever met a celebrity or someone famous before? It's like an out-of-body experience. My body and mind went numb, and I'm pretty sure I developed a stutter. I managed to ask to take a picture with her, and she reacted disappointed because wasn't dressed or made up at all (I would too)! I felt so bad. So I said, "It's OK! We don't have to! I completely understand..." But she was sweet enough to pose with me anyway. I was able to tell her how ecstatic we were for the show, and how much we adore her. I am so pumped she came out the front of those doors, because I got to MEET HER - but wouldn't she expect to run into some fans?? Well guess what Immi, WE LOVE YOU!

[Imogen Heap and Me - Notice her little stuffed lion, she named Harold!]

After meeting Imogen, and knowing we would be first into the show, we were having the best day ever. Time passed pretty quickly, thanks to some very interesting characters who joined us in our waiting. Oof. Our first fellow-waiter, was strange, Jason Alexander-esque man who persisted on telling us his life story, and the life stories of everyone he knew. I don't know how many times I gave Justin the is-this-dude-for-real look. Haha - annoying, yet oh so entertaining. Some manly women showed up, we talked about our blackberries and our mutual love for Imogen and her previous tours. Finally, the wait was over. The doors opened, and Justin and I were the first ones in. SO WORTH IT.

Her stage was set up with this immaculate cut-out tree, with twinkle lights and of course, her clear piano. Instruments and little props were hanging everywhere, fluffy fur rugs on the floor and inside her piano, and we were front and center. Could the night have turned out any more perfect?? The two openers were very cool - we especially enjoyed Back Ted N-Ted who was the cutest lil' guy with a bowtie and the world's tightest pants. We LOVED loved this dude! He had some really cute lyrics and innovative sounds. He even had a little dance party in the middle of the floor and jumped right down next to us!

[Back Ted N-Ted]

Tim Exile was super entertaining as well - He DJ'ed and mixed some crazy things, like sounds of people in the crowd that he recorded eating potato chips! He used this insane joystick device to speed up and control all of his beats.. I can't even really explain it. For one of his songs, he passed around his mic and looped a bunch of sounds from the crowd and I threw a little "woop woop" in there! Ohh, nerd!

[Tim Exile]

Since I have seen Immi perform before, I knew how amazing this show would be, but this was Justin's first time. Her music, style and everything already sets her apart from every other musician. Seeing her perform, is a whole other story. It's art. Everything is one-of-a-kind, made from scratch. Her layering and looping is just so fascinating to me (can't you tell?? Haha)! Aside from her genius skill, she is friendly and sweet. Her performances are not like a concert in a venue, but more like a friend showing you some sweet music in her living room. She talks (with her sweet London accent) and interacts with the crowd, she's silly and kept doing little spins and I love how she explains how she makes and captures her sounds. Justin noticed she had microphones attached to both of her wrists, which she later explained help catch certain sounds she needed. I love how she introduces each opener and her cellist, Yoosung (who we also met before the show!) - She just has a very selfless demeanor about her, and I really admire that. Oh, and by the way.. The stuffed lion (Harold, teehee) she was holding in the picture above? She somehow pinned it into her hair (woven in with the usual feathers and sparkles) for the show! How can you not love her??

Anyway, the show was absolutely phenomenal. I could of held onto her legs the whole time if I wanted to - but that would have been wierd, haha! I was able to capture some pretty amazing pictures and videos.. Enjoy!

[She opened with "First Train Home" - She came out on stage, making music on the rim of a wine glass filled with water aka "glass harp"]

[Capturing sounds on her wrist microphones]

[Her stage is like a fairytale..]

[I am just completely adore her piano]

[Performing "Come Here Boy" - Ahhh.]

[Immi and her Cellist, Yoosung, getting ready to play "Aha!" (One of my FAVES)]

[Performing the last portion of "Aha!" - SO GOOD!]

[Rocking out with shades and her sweet Keytar! She even ended the song with a big rockstar split/jump in the air!]

[Performing her incredible "Hide and Seek" for the encore. Perfection.]

Imogen's Website

Listen to Imogen

[Lyrics: Imogen Heap - Headlock]

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