Sunday, July 31, 2011

Soundtracks: Represent, Represent.. Cuba!

One of my favorite soundtracks (especially for the summer!) is the album from Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. The movie is definitely a cheesefest and doesn't even come close to the classic original, Dirty Dancing; However! I still like it and I LOVE the soundtrack. Even though the whole album is great, I especially love the tracks by Orishas and Atercipelados. 1950's.. spicy Cuba.. Zazaza!

Dirty Dancing: Havana Night
Featuring: Wyclef Jean and Claudette Ortiz, Black Eyed Peas, Yerba Buena, Jazze Pha and Monica, Santana and Jorge Moreno, Christina Aguilera, Orishas and Heather Headley, Mya, Shawn Kane, Atercipelados and Julio Daviel Big Band

What I'm Listening To: Havana Nights


Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm So Pinterested, I Could Scream!

Well, it's happened. I'm completely addicted and I can't get enough. 

Pretty much everyone already knows how it works or has one of their own, but it's been one of my best friends these days, so I had to share my love! This site couldn't be MORE perfect for party planning, new recipes or finding inspiration for pretty much anything. Endless boards of photos, ideas and original sources.. I love organization, I love Pinterest. Whoever discovered it is a genius. A GENIUS!

My Boards

Feel free to check out my Pinterest boards.. If you haven't begun your pinning addiction yet, lemme know and I'll send you a little invite!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Two Little Date Nights

It still feels like we're in the "moving process", as we've been staying with my parents while we look for a house. It's definitely a challenge for many reasons, but it's a blessing as well.

It's been interesting to find time for ourselves since there's been so much commotion going on (including planning my sister's wedding!). After having our own space together for almost 3 years, it's obviously difficult to adjust to sharing space with 2-5 other people on a regular basis. That's where "date nights" come in!

I love being back in MN, especially during summer.. Before I moved, I spent lots of time in Uptown (Minneapolis) with some good friends who lived up there. I was so excited to take my time and show Justin the fun little town and my favorite spots I used to hang out.. Plan B Coffeehouse.. Isles Bun & Coffee.. The big bookstore.. We decided to grab dinner at Pizza Luce (my first time, no kidding!) and checking out some of the shops.

Perfect evening in Uptown at Pizza Luce. Holy delicious. 
I just love him..
Plan B.. I have missed this place!

A couple weeks ago, we enjoyed another fun night out to dinner and then a stroll through Stillwater. It was another perfect night.. just super hot! After dinner, we checked out the fun little shops, including a new favorite - Mara Mi, climbed the 150+ steps to the amazing overlook view of the city and enjoyed some yummy ice cream.. Man, I love Stillwater. Can't wait for our next little date!

The water was really high!


Monday, July 11, 2011

The Black Keys, Fireworks & Our Crazy Month of July

This summer has been some of the busiest months I've taken on in a LONG time. I dunno if it's all the catching up with friends I literally haven't seen in years, if it's all of the sweet shows that are constantly coming to the Cities or if it's all of the weddings, babies and showers I'm hosting and helping with.. Either way, I'm busy and going every single day of the week!

A few months ago, my mom told me she scored tickets to see The Black Keys - whom Justin and I LOVE - and she ordered tickets for us too as belated birthday gifts! Yee! We were pretty excited to see them live, since we've liked them for a couple years now.. Cage the Elephant opened, but they definitely weren't as good.

We planned to meet up with some of my mom's friends - Sarah, Loan & Brian (Loan's fiance) at a restaurant before the show, but we ended up walking into the completely wrong place, sat down and ordered our drinks while waiting for the rest of everyone to show up. After a while, they still hadn't shown up and I noticed the name of the restaurant on the menu.. Uhhmm. Apparently "Burger Moes" and "Tom Reid's Hockey City Pub" are not the same restaurant! After a good laugh, we paid for our drinks and headed to Burger Moes, where of course, they were waiting for us. Cheapest!

The show was good! Our seats were pretty high up (at Roy Wilkins), but we could still see a good bit of the show. Cage the Elephant started and they were pretty ehh. It was getting so hot up in our seats and everyone around us were all complete duds. Between the shows, we headed to the bathroom and stood in line in the non-air conditioned death trap for a half hour. I thought I might die.. I swear they had the heat blasting in there. Finally back at our seats, Black Keys came out and I was ready to stand and rock out.. but everyone around me sat there like deadbeats.. What the heck, people! Who sits at a Black Keys show?!

By the time the show was more than half done, I couldn't take it anymore, so I stood up. Was that rude of me? I have a debate going on with my dad.. Is it rude to stand at a rock concert when everyone around you is sitting? Maybe..  But is it irritating and rude to have to sit and watch an amazing show like a zombie, with no room to enjoy it?! If I pay to see a show (or get a ticket, atleast), I wanna enjoy it! I don't enjoy blocking someone's view, but maybe they need to loosen up and stand too rather than sit there in silence, like bored losers. Thankfully, my mom stood up with me and we rocked out together, despite all of the duds around us.. I'd definitely see them again!

The Black Keys
Playing "Everlasting Light".. the biggest disco ball I've ever seen!

This year for the Fourth, we talked about grilling out and seeing fireworks downtown St. Paul. It's been years since I've experienced a MN Fourth of July.. and aside from getting devoured by mosquitoes, it was so nice to be home for this one. I had seen so many amazing blogs and parties with cute red-white-and-blue ideas, but I just didn't have the time or money to pull off a party so soon. We've begun planning upcoming bridal showers and a baby shower and I'm already over my head (in a good way, haha)! With that said, my Fourth was a good one and we watched fireworks overlooking the Mississippi and the Boat Club where Justin and I had our MN Wedding Reception in November 2008. Such an adorable little place!

Jordan and the pups
MN Boat Club on Raspberry Island

Now there's some brotherly (in-law) love!
My Dad, Justin, Jordan & Jordan's friend, Garrett

Waiting for fireworks to start..

One more thing. I can't believe my teeny, tiny, little brother just turned 20 years old. We celebrated his birthday by going to Joe's Garage in Minneapolis. I heard the food was really good.. I thought I would try something new from the menu, rather than something I always tend to order.. So. I ordered the "Jamaican Jerk Chicken". Of course, I'm excited to receive a sweet, fruity-ish chicken with rice and all this caribbean business. Ohh no. It was a bite ful of fire. I can't stand spicy food, so to attempt to eat that was pure insanity. Aside from my mouth numb from the pain, we enjoyed dinner and a gorgeous sunset on the rooftop. Great night!

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