Sunday, January 1, 2012

Greatest Hits of 2011

2011 was pretty great! I definitely didn't blog as much as I wanted to, but oh well! Here's a few of our favorite mems for the year (and I have to say, I think March was my fave!)!

  • Marta came to visit Greenville for the second time in 3 months! We celebrated New Years with friends and Justin's brothers - one of the best I have ever had!
  • Our little man, Romeo, turned 2 years old.
  • I had to rush Justin to the Emergency Room for severe stomach pains. The ER was a total nightmare and we still don't know what in the world happened.

  • I threw my first “hired” party! Our good friend, Josh, asked me to design a party for his wife, Theresea's, birthday. She loves pigs so much, so I went with a pig-inspired theme. She was so surprised!


  • We traveled to Virginia to see Justin's brother, extended family and his immediate fam, who drove down from Wisconsin. We had an packed weekend, including juggling our 2 pups and catching up with relatives we hadn't seen in a long time!

  • We celebrated Easter by hosting a colorful, little lunch party with Justin's bros. Unfortunately, Justin was super sick and missed out.
  • Justin had to have an unexpected surgery, and was hospitalized for 5 days. Not a fun memory.
  • Jody and I hosted a fun oriental-inspired cookout. The food was to DIE for. 
  • We saw Sleigh Bells in Asheville and ran into our friends, Gina & Curtis. Incredible show.
  • We finally told our friends that we were planning to move. Wow, it was definitely more difficult than I imagined. 
  • I hosted a small Mexican dinner party for our close friends. Dinner was awesome, until towards the end - Romeo decided to have massive, explosive diarrhea. 

  • We said 'goodbye' to many of our dear friends - including our Shepherding Group - which we were welcomed by a gorgeous farewell party on our last night with the group
  • We threw our own farewell party and an emotional last few nights in Greenville
  • We endured a handful of days of nonstop packing for the big move. Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning with my sister, her fiance (now hubby) and our closest friends
  • We moved from South Carolina to Minnesota, journeying with 2 vehicles, a giant moving truck and 2 very needy pups
  • Summer began and we lived it up before finally finding some jobs.. We saw Foster the People, late nights watching movies, hottubbing, a Father's Day Jazz Party and silly memories at the Drive-In
  • I began freelancing for Chanel again! It felt so good to be back with my all-time favorite cosmetic line
  • My good friend, Jade, got married! I was honored to be a part of her big day as her Personal Attendant

  • We rocked out with my parents at a Black Keys show - our birthday gifts from them
  • Celebrated the 4th watching fireworks overlooking our beautiful MN Boat Club venue where we had our MN Wedding Reception in 2008
  • My friend, Ash, offered me a free ticket to see Britney Spears live! We had fantastic seats and sang our little hearts out!
  • I hosted (with some help from Jade!) a garden-inspired baby shower for my good friend, Mulder and her unborn twins. The whole experience was insane and amazing at the same time! {Photos}
  • Our planned "family camping trip" quickly shifted to an indoor weekend after some rough weather {Photos}

  • Vanessa and I hosted a Cuban-inspired bachelorette/bridal shower dinner party for our little sister, Lanae. All the work put into it was so worth it! {Photos}
  • I designed and helped host a second bridal shower for Lanae, inspired by lemons
  • I was offered a job as the Business Manager for the Minneapolis Macy's Chanel counter.. Definitely one of my dream jobs (aside from my career in therapy)
  • After couple years, we finally were able to go to the MN State Fair and stuff our faces with handfuls of greasy food

  • My dear high school friend, Laura, got hitched - I was honored to do makeup and be a part of her special day! On the same day, in all of the craziness, Coco went into her first heat. Talk about bad timing.. 
  • Mulder finally had her babies! I finally met them despite all of the chaos with my new job, and we celebrated her birthday 
  • My little sister got married! I was honored to do almost all of the decor for the wedding/reception And yes, I cried like a little baby. 


  • We celebrated a Gold + Aqua Thanksgiving with my family for the first time ever. I threw the party decor together on a budget of $2.99! We girls laughed our heads off as we rushed around, serving food and maneuvered through the messiest kitchen in the world!
  • I left my job at Macy's for an incredible opportunity to work in therapy again (plus, paid grad school tuition!)

  • I publicized my new Starter Site "", kicking off my plans to create a business in party design and planning
  • Lanae (my sister) and her hubby got a new pup! Little Bernie is the cutest little Boston!
  • I started my new job at the MN Autism Center School - So far, I love it!
  • I helped my mom throw an Italian-inspired Christmas dinner party on Christmas Eve! It was such a fabulous night and the food was delish!
  • We traveled to Wisconsin to celebrate a belated Christmas with Justin's family and ring in the New Year in Galena with Marta & Justin's brothers! 
  • Our little peanut, Coco Chanel turned 1 year old! I love her to pieces and I really can't believe how big she is!

Miscellaneous Photos from 2011

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