Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloweenie!

I've never really been one to "celebrate halloween". I L♥VE fall and pumpkins and Caramel Apple Spice's from Starbs... but spookiness and trick-or-treating has never truly excited me [in the last 10 years, atleast!]. Now that we have a puppy, and with almost as many clothes as we have, I couldn't NOT get him a costume - Even if we were not going out tonight.

[Romeo, the Turtle]

So tonight, we're staying in! I'm definitely looking forward to latching onto Justin on this rainy night, on our big comfy couch, watching scary movies! I'm actually kind of a wimp when it comes to the really scary ones; In fact, I couldn't even get through the trailer of Paranormal Activity. I've heard enough about that one - you couldn't pay me to get through it! I am definitely one of the people you would hear or see in the theater who screams or jumps even at the lame parts... I find much more enjoyment in the "psychological thrillers" more than the "hacker movies". Maybe we will watch The Number 23? Seen it a few times, but both oh, so good. For the record, I adore Jim Carrey more than I can say.

[The Number 23]

Well, whatever it is we end up watching tonight, I'll be OK, as long as we watch something funny before bed. :)

Happy Halloweenie!


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