Friday, October 30, 2009

Pancakes on Friday

Justin was able to be home on this gloomy Friday and I was lucky enough to be home as well. He made pancakes. ♥

I guess you could say we're "breakfast people" - Justin is the pro at making some yummer french toast or pancakes, where I am more of the egg-ish type of gal. I remember one morning, I thought I would try to impress my hubby after being married for just a few months. I found a delicious-sounding, recipe for french toast and thought I would surprise him since he is usually the one with the spatula in hand! As I'm cooking away, tossing my measured ingredients in like they do on Top Chef, something started to smell "off". Did I stop? No, I continued! Finally, when everything was done, my finished products definitely did not look like the glorious picture shown with the recipe I found... Nor did they smell like gourmet french toast.

Lo and behold, instead of adding vanilla to my made-from-scratch surprise, I had actually added mint extract. I ended up making disgusting, minty french toast that not only fell apart, but smelled burnt and crusty. The kicker of it all? I used all of the bread and eggs we had, so I couldn't even start over and redeem myself, like we all know I try so hard to do. Oh man.

So, today we tried some new pancakes. Actually they were not a recipe from scratch, but I found this mix at Target and I really think it might be the best [or close!] pancakes we have ever had! Archer Farms - Found @ Target.

[Apple Streusel Pancake & Waffle Mix]

[Yum Yum!]

Maybe from now on I'll stick to a box, or leave it up to Justin to flip the pancakes. And for the record, I think I'm pretty good at cooking and baking! The Mint Mistake could have happened to anyone, right? :)


A song to make you smile.
Alexi Murdoch - Wait

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