Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Honky Tonk Stomp Romeo

So last night, Justin and I were laughing about how bad Romeo has been desperately needing a haircut and Justin says, "he looks like one of the guys from Brooks and Dunn!" I'm thinking, whaaa? I have know idea who Brooks and Dunn even ARE, but I think maybe I have heard of them once or twice... My first initial thought was, Oh yeah..those circus performer dudes, and one of them was eaten by an elephant or something? Nope. That's Sigfried and Roy. And I stand corrected: Poor little Roy was mauled by a tiger, but thankfully lived. So who the flup is Brooks and Dunn?? Well. I am not a lover of country music in any way, shape or form - so maybe that's why I had no idea. (I don't even know how Justin knew who they were!) Turns out, Brooks and Dunn sing lovely little songs like "Honky Tonk Stomp", "Cowgirls Don't Cry" and "Hillbilly Deluxe". I can't help but laugh out loud, trying to imagine our precious pup resembling one of these country singer geniuses! I took it upon myself to set up a side-by-side analysis of our challenge...

[Dunn vs. Romeo ]

Any resemblance?


Fortunately, I'm NOT listening to B&D.
Instead, I'm listening to Iron & Wine

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