Monday, December 7, 2009

A Lost Paycheck, An Artsy Reunion, and Smoke- Alarmed Crunchwraps

What a fabulous, eventful weekend!

I guess I had a WHOPPER of a "did that just happen" moment occur, before the weekend even came: As I am a counselor for a Mental Health Clinic here for the State of SC, I am paid for my driving mileage that I do while transporting clients around from place to place. It definitely adds up, and at the end of the month, I can definitely look forward to receiving my mileage check. I turned it in for the month of November, as I do every other month, and usually receive the check within 2 weeks of turning it in. Well, my friends, we are now well into December. Something isn't adding up here. So, I'm communicating with my co-worker about whether or not he had received his mileage check, and sure enough - nope! We came to the the conclusion that the HR lady must have just fallen behind, as we never even received a confirmation, which usually clues us in, that the checks are on their way. So, we make the calls to our HR lady friend. He called first, and had a quite shocking conversation with her. I decided to call her myself, and she gave me the same schpeel! When I asked her about the delay, she mentioned something about a "new system" (which is possible) but then proceed to tell me about how her mom just had a successful estate sale and she would be happy to offer me a loan if I needed some money. WHAT?! I'm pretty sure I was speechless for about 15 seconds before I could respond. "Uhhhh.. No.. I don't want a personal loan from your mom's estate sale earnings, I WANT MY PAYCHECK!" (my thoughts, not my words) It's the principle! Not the money! How completely unprofessional! I mean don't get me wrong, it was a very lovely offer... but seriously right now? My co-worker and I even joked about going there - as she had offered him the same loan - and going in to each take her up on her offers! She would be lending quite a bit of money! I'm still dumbfounded by this. Does this stuff happen to anyone else?

Moving on..

Friday was great! As it would have been a blast to see the Features and the Whigs in Atlanta, GA in honor of my Mom and her friend Lori who just LOVE them (hehe), it just didn't work out. Justin and I were so pumped to be able to reunite with our good friend, Jenny, who just moved back to Greenville from D.C. and she was having a little house-warming party we couldnt miss.

[Me & Jenny]

After the party, we all headed around Greenville for the winter art studios! We headed to the "big white house" gallery (is there a name for that? I just always think it's Chris and Annie Koelle's Gallery, but I know there are more) where they were having the "I'm Dreaming of a White Whale Christmas". My friend, Michelle and I were drooling over some gorgeous pottery and whale necklaces I've had my eye on. I bought something small, but I can't share, becuase it's a gift for someone who may be reading this (eep!)! Afterward, we went to Art & Light Gallery and of course we couldn't miss our favorite artist, and dear friend Marco Suarez, who froze all night, setup by Art Crossing. What a great night!

Saturday was loaded with 100% relaxation and hours of catching up on my New Moon. Enough said. I'm sick of defending myself and my enjoyment the books to friends and others.. I know they are just giving me a hard time - which I can take it, but it's getting a little old. All I have to say is: I love reading the books. The movies are a tad cheesy and if I want your opinion, I'll ask. :) I can't WAIT to finally see the movie on Tuesday, though! Eee! Better get back to reading! Did a little Christmas shopping and spent more time over at our friend's house later that night. Their neighbors stopped by with their new baby, which only made Justin and I more giddy about our future and how we're only moving closer toward the time when we're ready to say those words: "Let's have a baby!" We're both so very happy and excited for when that time comes, too. I'm glad I don't have a husband that buckles up and freaks out at the mention of the word "baby". He's just as excited, if not more! It made my heart skip a beat seeing him hold the lil bundle of squishy joy! Hmmm! Just between whoever is reading this and me, we have a plan - I'm just not telling you yet!

Sunday, Justin and I realized we were having some serious taco cravings during church and decided to make it happen. Have you ever had a Crunch Wrap Supreme from Taco Bell? Well I can only imagine it's loaded with fat and other secret naughty, fatty things, but it's too yummy. I have to give thanks and credit to my sister, Vanessa who first told me about the Crunch Wrap years ago, when I was in college (2003?). She informed me of this delightful item on TB's "secret menu". What?! Did you know Taco Bell has a "secret menu"?? Well I didn't. And how did Vanessa know?! Haha! Regardless, she passed along this valuable information which is no longer a secret. Behold:

[Taco Bell's Crunch Wrap Supreme]

Of course, how often does it look that good, when you order it? Never. Either way, Justin and I wanted this for lunch yesterday, so we made it happen. To make a long story short (which is clearly impossible for me), we bought the ingredients we needed, and began experimenting with how you wrap these complex things and keep 'em closed! Plus, how do you stuff all the tomatoes, lettuce and everything in there without it getting soggy? Our conclusion? Crank the heat on those pans, and grill those bad boys up!

[Justin, under pressure!]

We get our little system down, spoons and flippers in hand, ingredients everywhere, Romeo running around frantically with one eyebrow (saving that for a WHOLE other blog post...) and then it happens. Our ultra-sensitive smoke-alarm starts screeching at it's highest pitch. Of course! In our frantic flipping and inventing, I'm trying to fan the alarm with a plate to stop it. Thankfully, it stops. Within seconds, the alarm starts again, so Justin takes a crack at it. He starts fanning it, and but forgets he has a spoonful of butter in the same hand and as he's flailing to stop the alarm, butter is now flying around the room! Oh. My. Word. Can you imagine the chaos and level of excitement occuring within the matter of seconds?! I love how there really never seems to be a dull moment in our lives. Honestly, all I can really do is laugh!

As far as Romeo's one-eyebrow fiasco goes - what the flip?! Apparently he has been scratching, and our friend, Marco noticed it the other night! Since I noticed it, I've been calling Romeo, "Whoopi Goldberg" and "my lil' bald eagle". At least I made an appointment with the vet, and spoke to his grooming lady, who thinks we might be "bathing him too often". How can you have a dog that's too clean? I would think that's a good thing! But I do understand that dogs apparently have certain "oils" and blah blah. I just won't allow having a doggy-smelling dog, plus I like it when he's silky smooth!

Ok, I think this is a long enough blog for today. If you actually read this, I'm flattered! :)


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  1. I'm not a Twilight fan, but, hey, if you like them then read on and don't apologize. Hey, I've been super-obsessed with Harry Potter since I was in high school. I even waiting in line at B&N at the midnight release of the final book.

    BTW, I loved hearing you talk about your future w/ Justin. Everytime Mike talks about doing things for our children or our family (like the house we're working on and potential children's rooms), I get warm fuzzies inside. ;)

    I love your blogs, you are so funny! :)

  2. (I totally responded to this earlier, but something happened!)

    I am so happy you can undersand what I'm saying about Twilight/HP. :) I would so love to see more pictures of your fixup home! And love thinking about the future.. and babies! Oh my goodness. It's so funny how some people are so "off limits" on the subject, but Justin and I are so beyond excited for when that time comes! Eeep! Glad you are too :)


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