Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gaga Goo Goo

I remember the first time I heard the name Lady Gaga and I was like, "Whooo??" I was in a session with a client, who kept talking about Gaga.. Gaga.. and it took me the longest time to figure out she was talking about a new female artist. To me, her first "big hit" was Just Dance, back in April 2008.

Lady Gaga - "Just Dance"

When I finally heard her sing, I thought.. Hmm. She's pretty talented. Pretty pop-cliché. I guess her real name is "Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta". She took on the name "Lady Gaga" apparently by accident, after being associated with a song she liked, "Radio Gaga" by Queen. The craziest part to me? She's only 23 years old! My overall thoughts on Googs? I like her originality, but I really don't like a lot of what she stands for. Her music very catchy - and I find myself rockin' out to it, no problem - but it's pretty trashy.

Since that session when I first heard about her, she's become a insanely huge. She's definitely known for her outrageous performances, and most of all.. her "fashion". I find some her outfits pretty creepy, but some are actually pretty outrageous. She's definitely unique. Check out some of Gaga's most memorable fashion moments:

[One of my ALLTIME favorites.. GooGoo, meeting The Queen in December 2009]

[Gaga wore her Kermit coat while interviewing for a German show in July 2009. She said she dresses this way because her "life is art" and her "whole life is performance".]

[Creeper!! Gagg's accepts her MTV VMA award in 2009 for "Best New Artist"]

[July 2009 - Gaga wore this during a news conference before the 'Isle of MTV Concert']

[2009 VMA's on the red carpet]

[I hear she's pretty known for performing in this bubble costume..?]

[What is going through Goog's head??]

[2009 MMVA's in Toronto - Her outfit is made of hair. Yes. Hair.]

[ACE Awards in 2009 - I have to wonder if there is something wrong in her mind? I want to believe that she is just thinking creatively here, but..]

[2010 Grammy's on the red carpet.. Is GooGoo holding a spiked star??]

[Gaga performed a duet with Elton John @ 2010 Grammy's.. Both covered in soot]
[Pictures taken of Gagg's in Copenhagen, Denmark right after she broke up with her BF, "Speedy". Hmm.]
I wonder what it's like being Gaga. Is she ever just "normal"? And where in the world does she find those outrageous outfits? I guess it's just a mystery.
[Photos - Various Sources]

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  1. I wonder if she's ever heard of sweat pants? I bet she wears them when she tries to avoid the paparazzi!


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