Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Upcoming Party Inspiration

I'm getting really excited about some upcoming parties I'm planning! It's always fun to pull together inspiration and ideas to help me get on the right track. I've started using Polyvore (thanks to my friend, Tiffany) to display things that have inspired me during each planning process. Without giving anything away, I thought I'd share my inspiration for the next 4 parties on my To-Do-List. Enjoy!


  1. Brilliant! Check the Rock Band party off your list as a huge success! I know the 3 other upcoming parties/showers are gonna be just as amazing in their own ways. Helping you prepare for some parties and seeing your fabulous creativity has become a treasured hobby of mine - let's rock on!

  2. Hey Alanna! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog this weekend! You'll totally have to let me know if you end up making the capiz chandeliers for your beach party. I'd love to see what you come up with. If you were looking for real capiz shells, I did some initial research on those and found you could buy them in bulk at most bead shops. I think I had the best luck at Fire Mountain Gems. Just wanted to share that tidbit.
    BTW - I love the look of your blog - it's super fun!!


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