Thursday, August 25, 2011

Soundtracks: R + J

I'm the first to admit.. I've always been a sucker for Leonardo DiCaprio. I'm sure, every other 6th grade girl was drooling when the "modern version" of Romeo + Juliet was released. Man, 6th grade. I remember after seeing the movie, I went straight to Best Buy to spend my hard-earned dollars on the VHS, so I could re-watch it as much as I wanted.. I even remember rushing to my boombox to record my favorite R + J songs that would come on the radio, so I could have my own "Romeo + Juliet Mixed Tape". Really funny to think about it now, but after 15 years, I still love the music. It's a compilation of songs that remind me of being a teenager and growing up, not to mention all of the big hits that rocked the radio like "Lovefool", "Talk Show Host" and the "You and Me Song". Oh, to be a teenager with mixed tapes again..

William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet
Featuring: Garbage, Everclear, Gavin Friday, One Inch Punch, Des'ree, Butthole Surfers, The Cardigans, Kym Mazelle, Quindon Tarver, Mundy, Radiohead, Stina Nordenstam and The Wannadies



  1. Your blog is lovely! I found you via Follow Me Wednesday. Your dogs are gorgeous, way too cute.

  2. I love this soundtrack. I have the cd and the album on my ipod. Such a great mix of tunes! ♥

  3. I'll be the second to admit that I still absolutely adore leo. And I spent my hard earned babysitting cash on not only the original soundtrack but also the soundtrack that included dialog! Yes. Still one of my favorite movies ever. Definitely in the top 10.


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