Monday, August 29, 2011

A Sweet, Yellow Bridal Shower

My sweet Aunt planned special bridal showers for both Vanessa and I and now it's our little sister's turn to be showered! For a long time now, Lanae has talked about having yellow, black and white as her "wedding colors", and now that wedding plans are in full swing, including invitations sent and designs chosen, I'm totally in love with her scheme. She's always been so funny how she describes her "style" and vision for the wedding, often saying she likes it "cute" and simple/modern. She chose a signature damask pattern for her invites, as well as other wedding decor (which I am in the process of making.. EEP!), but for now.. we come to her latest shower. 

A month or so before the shower, Vanessa and I met with our aunt to talk about ways we could help - especially since I just love parties oh-so-much. We decided to create her shower inspired by lemons. The guest list included relatives and family and we chose to go with a mid-day event. We took on the decor and setup, and also helped with preparing the food. You can see, we really amped up the yellow/black/white to really imitate Lanae's idea of a "perfect party". 

Ice Water & Lemonade
Paper Straws - The Sugar Diva
Corsage my aunt made for Lanae.. Made of measuring spoons, a pizza cutter, a washcloth and  a wine stopper (I think). 

I was able to use a few pieces I had, including my white, Cupcake Liner Poms and Hollow Yarn Balls. Vanessa and I created the rest of the poms new for this shower - Check out the Fabric & Lace Ruffle Pom DIY!

Meringue Drops
Lemon Slice Candy
Lemon Tarts
Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting
Marshmallow Pops
Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon & Sugar Pita Chips
Veggie Pizza
Cucumber & Tomato Bruschetta

An all-time favorite recipe I received from my dear friend, Jody. Yu-hum!

Vanessa and I took on quite a few projects while deciding on decor. I have always loved Billy Balls and we knew Lanae especially loves them, so we decided to make some ourselves. We followed the DIY at Design*Sponge and found it a little tricky! We thought it would be a little easier, but actually rolling the felted wool without any creases or cracks was definitely a tasks that kept us laughing. I would definitely attempt to make these lovies again someday!

P.S. Love my extended (and still growing) collection of milk glass?? Aside from a few pieces I borrowed from my momma, I started with a piece from my grandma, gained a few pieces from my friend Anne Marie & her mom and I squeak every time I think of the fantastic thrift store I found the rest of them at. Can't wait to go back!

Vanessa and I spent countless hours during our "Sister Craft Days" working on these Q-Tip Flower Poms. I came across an incredible DIY tutorial at Homemade Ginger with my friend Mulder's Garden Party Baby Shower in mind. Since I had already taken on more than enough projects for the baby shower, I grew really determined to create these for Lanae's bridal shower. We made a total of 9 flower heads with 3 different sizes of styrofoam balls. When doing the largest styroballs, I managed to squeeze the q-tips in much tighter - which totally stunk in the end - because the flower heads were way too heavy for their stems. I've considered transferring them to stronger stems in the future, because they are way too amazing to waste.

{Check out my DIY post here.}

For favors, Vanessa and I dipped pretzels in white chocolate (obviously continuing with the yellow/black/white theme!).

I've really grown to love showers that have some sort of "wishing tree" or "advice" for the bride/mom-to-be. I think it's a really sweet way for the guests to share memorable words, while giving the guest of honor something extra special they can have forever. I created this tree at the last minute, using a long, black-painted branch, ribbon, mini clothespins and some round-ended paper. Guests were asked to share advice or words of wisdom for Lanae.

Cute little bride!

In the bathroom.. Vases full of lemons

Paper Straws - The Sugar Diva
Fonts used - Fonts for Peas
Paper for flag garland: Michael's
Fabric: JoAnn & Hancock
Q-Tip Flower Pom Tutorial - Homemade Ginger
Billy Ball Tutorial - Design*Sponge



  1. That second to last picture is high larious. And lanae looks suuuuper hot too. Hahaha sick!

  2. Oh my goodness- this is seriously one of the cutest showers I have ever seen! I love every detail. And the food looks amazing! I am your newest follower from a blog hop and I would love to have you stop by and follow back if you want to!
    Have a good day!
    Camille @
    PS We have a link party every Saturday on our blog and I would LOVE to have you come share this post! It is so dang cute!

  3. awwwwww. love your candy!!!!! greetings from angie (germany)

  4. Hi, I'm the owner of Mom Blog Society. I've been reading your blog and would love to feature you on our site. I think our members would enjoy visiting your blog. Please contact me on Mom Blog Society so that we can discuss featuring your awesome blog. Also Please Join our Google Friday Blog Hop and get some new followers!

  5. I love the lemons in the vase. I'm wanting to do that for my wedding centerpieces but lemons float in water. Is that something other than water that they're in? Thanks so much, what a cute shower!

  6. Thank you everyone for such sweet messages!

    @kimlefever - We just used water in the vases! There were no problems with the lemons floating, but maybe it was because they were in cylinders? Stay tuned for an upcoming post.. My sister Lanae's (who this shower was for!) wedding was decorated with the same inspiration! Big congrats to you planning your wedding! What an exciting time! :)


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