Friday, October 28, 2011

My Little Blog is 2 Years Old!

Holy cow, it's been 2 years! Looking back, this past year definitely seems busier and the crazy stories seem less eventful! I suppose it's a blessing either way, right?

On this day, I can't believe I actually have 47 followers! 47 people who actually care about what I have to say.. Quite an honor. When I first started it all, I thought my only followers would be Justin, my best friends, and my mom! Thanks so much for reading, lovies!

By the way, I do have some exciting news..

I will be launching my new party-planning website soon! A lot of things have been in the works in developing the logo and the starter-site and I can't wait to show everyone! I'm pretty excited. I plan to keep going with this blog as my personal blog, but will eventually be launching a party-blog as well. I promise to continue to keep you posted.. just hang in there!


Photo Credit: The Cilantropist


  1. Alanna! How fun! Let's get together sometime, please? Also, if you are still looking for a web designer - I know a great one (my husby!).


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