Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hello, Wisco (Visit + Anniversary)!

Since the move, J and I have been slam-busy with so much happening that we haven't had a chance to visit good ol' Wisconsin.. until now! It's been way too long since we've seen his family, so it was really great to be able to throw this one together at the last minute. Thanks to Macy's, I was finally given a couple days off in a row (in a ROW!) to celebrate our 3-year anniversary, so we decided to take advantage of my freedom and spend it in Wisconsin. We made the 6 hour drive, pup-free and it was definitely a great little weekend!

  • Rocking out to dubstep the car with my hubby and rolling into Gratiot late (and I mean late!)
  • Examining Lukus' 4000 DVD collection and choosing 20 for ourselves (Thanks again, Lukus!!)
  • Waking Alyssa up in the morning and looking at her collection of owl accessories
  • Laughing our heads off watching funny music videos with the brothers.. I-I-I-I work out!
  • A cheese-filled lunch at Culver's
  • 1$ Psychology and Therapy books from the Library
  • Stocking up on good cheese and 2 gorgeous, aqua bird cages at Swiss Colony
  • Playing with a 3-legged kitten, feeding some cows and seeing the old trailer where I met Justin for the first time 8 years ago (ghetto-looking, yes, but it was different back then!)
  • Playing a hefty game of Dominoes
  • Enjoying my father-in-law's message at church and visiting with family friends 
  • Birthday celebration for Justin's Dad
  • Alyssa teaching me to paint and tattoo my nails with newspaper
  • Spending an afternoon with Marta, laughing at old voicemails and blackberry videos
  • Giving Georgia a "little girl makeover" and feeling awful when she hated it
  • A sweet, rainy anniversary dinner at Vinny Vanucci's in Galena
  • Channel-surfing, sipping champagne and being silly at our hotel
  • Spending lunch and the afternoon with Marta at her boutique

  • Exploring Galena, munching on gourmet popcorn and finding some fun little treasures on Main Street

  • Dropping by Justin's old high school to see his sister and Dad
  • Visiting Justin's old Platteville house and a few antique and cheese shops on our little drive home


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