Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Old Spooky Mansion-Inspired Halloween Party

Happy Halloweenie! This year, Lanae & Jordan threw a heck of a party - Old Spooky Mansion style! I was lucky to help out with decor for the party, using a lot the stuff I had from last year and adding a few new things. Enjoy!

My bro-in-law (Jon) as White Trash and my sister (Vanessa) as a pirate
My Bro (Mitch) and his girlfriend (Liz) as a doctor and nurse
Zak as a Vampire

My sister (Lanae) as an Eskimo and my bro-in-law (Jordan) as a Woopie Cushion
Dan as Pedro and Stacie as a German Milk Maid

Bloody Finger Cookies

Bloody Bone Candy
Mummy Dogs
Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops and Cheese & Crackers

Devin and Nicole as Lumberjacks

Josh as Osama Bin Laden, Dom as a Marine and JP as Josh

Dan as a Pirate, too!
Isaac as a Samurai


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