Friday, November 25, 2011

A Gold + Aqua Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, loves! This year, I used all decor I already had, summarizing the dinner party as probably the cheapest "parties" I've ever set up for. It wasn't super embellished or detailed, but I did my best to make it nice with spending as little money as possible. I spent $2.99 for a can of spay paint, which I'd say.. is pretty stinkin' budget-friendly! 

I pulled most of the decor with greens, golds and aquas in mind, by filling in with some mixed prints and brighter colors like fuchsia and mustard. Lanae and I came up with all of the Indian-inspired names for the place settings and everyone had a pretty good laugh. It was exciting to use my new collection of vintage goblets I found at my favorite thrift store this summer - Eee! 

My mom wanted to have 2 turkeys this year since we were having so many people join for dinner. She told me she had a new, secret turkey-cooking tip that she "read it on the internet" in which you're supposed to flip the turkey upside down so all the juice stays in the turkey. Great idea, eh? It was.. until there wasn't any juice/grease to use for the gravy. Cheapest! The boys had to run to the store for the 4th time that day to get ingredients for gravy... Oh man. The turkeys were extra juicy though, so the tip actually works (just kinda jips you on gravy)!  

This Thanksgiving was actually one of the most entertaining ones I've ever had - Between the chaos of my mom and I serving all of the food with the giggles, running out of serving spoons and making sure everyone had what they needed, I was exhausted and totally happy with how everything turned out. 

The Menu
2 13-lb. Turkeys
Mashed Potatoes
Cheesy Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes
Green Bean Casserole
Honey-Cinnamon Carrots
Raspberry Fruit Jello
Orange Cream Jello
Mom Andes' Cherry Muffins
Dinner Rolls




  1. Is that Coco in the sweater? So cute! And guess what? I bought the same sweater for my boss's dog...a maltipoo named Coco!

  2. love the creativity with your tablescape - so pretty!! thank you for
    sharing : )


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