Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Romeo, Don't Pee On Your Sister.."

The last couple weeks have been pretty interesting with our new little Coco! She's an absolute meatball and I'm totally in love. Just looking at her squished little face makes me laugh out loud, plus her "Little Diva" attitude makes it that much more entertaining. Romeo and Coco get along SO well.. even better than I expected! It's been a total blessing that Romeo is not a "barker" and we're really hoping Coco won't be either. So far, she's pretty quiet, aside from the random "MEEP!" when Romeo isn't giving her the attention she wants. She's been doing this hysterical sound when they chase each other around.. It seriously sounds like a half gurgle/half alien sound. Makes us laugh really hard!

They play together and pass out until the other one wakes up and initiates more playtime. It's really cute! Coco totally acts like a "little sister" too. Romeo will jump on the couch and antagonize her from a place she can't reach, and they'll steal each other's toys and treats. He will get a mouthful of food and drop it right in front of her to share. He even does this thing where he will hold his favorite raccoon toy in his mouth and let her grab on, so he can take her for a little walk around the apartment. So funny!

One of the most challenging things about our new little one is, oh yes, potty training. It was definitely a process with Romeo, but after hard work and persistence, he is one of the best-behaved pups I've ever seen. There's been a couple of times where I've caught myself saying to Justin, as I clean up another accident, "Augh, I don't remember Romeo being this bad!" just for him to respond, "Are you kidding?? Romeo was way worse!"

It's been interesting in the mornings especially.. I multi-tasked as it was with just Romeo, but now with both of them, it's become much more of a juggling act! Instead of taking them out one at a time in the morning, I have challenged myself to take them both at once. It has to be entertaining to watch, as I simultaneously try to manage both of them to "Potty! Potty outside!" I swear, every time I have done it, I have laughed out loud to myself. I picture the marionette-puppet-scene from The Sound of Music.

{Major apologies for such bad quality cellphone photos!}

In the craziness of trying to strategically coax them both to do their 'business', I'm trying to keep them from playing and twisting each other's leashes together and around me into a big tangled mess. Sometimes, I really do wonder if they do it on purpose.. running around and around my legs to see how long it would take me to get out of it. The other morning, I had to yank Coco's leash just in time to pull her out from under Romeo's lifted leg, ready to do his thing. I couldn't believe he would have actually pee'd on her if I hadn't saved her! Good grief.

I'm sure I'll have more stories for you soon.. Ha!



  1. Oh man, they are SO SO SO cute! I'm a little jealous because I would LOVE to get Bella a little playmate, but you can't find cute little dogs everyday at the humane society. (And I don't want a big dog.) We got lucky! And Mike says no. LOL. :)

  2. Yeah.. It's pretty much impossible to find a Yorkie at the HS!

  3. So adorable! I was laughing along to your blog! I can't wait to meet both Romeo and Coco!


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