Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Birthday Party Inspired by Spring

This year, Justin made my birthday special in so many different ways. March was honestly the craziest/busiest month I think I have ever lived through, but it was sure eventful! Part of the craziness was planning a Jungle-themed baby shower for my good friend/old roomie, Tiffany. I was so occupied and consumed with all the party planning, that I didn't even have time to wonder what Justin was up to. Many of the nights I sat at our table putting things together and planning away, he was in our guest room with the door shut, occasionally reinforcing me "not to come in!!!" He told me he was throwing me a little birthday party, but that's all I knew. It was cute how much of a surprise he was making it, he's always been sentimental like that. 

After a long and fun-filled day at Tiffany's baby shower, I came home to a completely clean and decorated apartment. I was floored that he actually hand-made flag and floral garlands and coordinated everything together! I couldn't believe it! The colors included greens, blues, aquas and whites with his inspiration of "Spring". He had flowers, birds and my birdcage - which he used as a place for all of my friends to share fun memories that we've had. He even made the most amazing Spring-inspired mix on my ipod with all songs I love love love (check out this mini-version playlist). Everything was so incredible -- so unbelievably sweet. 

He arranged all the food with a couple of our friends, including ice cream, coffee, appetizers and little desserts. 

We had just picked up Coco two nights before, so it was fun to "debut" her to all of our friends!


What I'm Listening To: Spring-Inspired Mix

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  1. Way to go Justin! You deserve it, lady!


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