Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Two Little Date Nights

It still feels like we're in the "moving process", as we've been staying with my parents while we look for a house. It's definitely a challenge for many reasons, but it's a blessing as well.

It's been interesting to find time for ourselves since there's been so much commotion going on (including planning my sister's wedding!). After having our own space together for almost 3 years, it's obviously difficult to adjust to sharing space with 2-5 other people on a regular basis. That's where "date nights" come in!

I love being back in MN, especially during summer.. Before I moved, I spent lots of time in Uptown (Minneapolis) with some good friends who lived up there. I was so excited to take my time and show Justin the fun little town and my favorite spots I used to hang out.. Plan B Coffeehouse.. Isles Bun & Coffee.. The big bookstore.. We decided to grab dinner at Pizza Luce (my first time, no kidding!) and checking out some of the shops.

Perfect evening in Uptown at Pizza Luce. Holy delicious. 
I just love him..
Plan B.. I have missed this place!

A couple weeks ago, we enjoyed another fun night out to dinner and then a stroll through Stillwater. It was another perfect night.. just super hot! After dinner, we checked out the fun little shops, including a new favorite - Mara Mi, climbed the 150+ steps to the amazing overlook view of the city and enjoyed some yummy ice cream.. Man, I love Stillwater. Can't wait for our next little date!

The water was really high!


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  1. Your blog looks great, Alanna! Fancy pants! I love the pictures (of the pictures) of the random facial parts. What a neat-o thing to do! I love your creativity friend.


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