Thursday, July 7, 2011

Keep on Dancing Till The World Ends

I can honestly say.. I never thought I would ever see Britney Spears in concert.

A few weeks ago at Jade's Wedding Rehearsal, I had the best time seeing friends I haven't seen in years! So many college mems came rushing back, as we spent our evening celebrating Jade & Nate and reminiscing the good ol' days. At one point in the evening, my friend/old roomie, Ashley, cautiously asked me for a favor. Unsure where she was headed with it, she carefully asked me if I would possibly want to go see Britney Spears with her in a couple weeks.. Uhhh, Yeyeah! Hear me out now, I love Brit Brit, even in her trainwreck glory. I feel bad for her and am fascinated by her at the same time. I definitely don't rock out to her tunes for the lyrics or her incredible voice (right?), but I definitely think she has some pretty good beats.

So, not only did Ash have 2 tickets to see Britney (Femme Fatale tour with Nicki Minaj), but she had free tickets. I guess I could say I "grew up with Britney Spears" but would never even consider to pay to see her, since all of her shows were so expensive and I'm pretty sure my parents wouldn't have been very supportive. 13 years later.. Britney, here we come!

Ashley and I had such a fun time pumping each other up for the show.. We got together for dinner and a movie - In fact, we rented Brit's movie, Crossroads and I can't believe it, after all these years, it was my first time seeing it! We looked up where our seats were and holy cow.. Super close! Apparently the tix she had (which she got from a friend) were were 150$ each! Sheesh!

The big night finally arrived and Ashley found out she could use an extra ticket, so her friend Sarah came along too. We headed to St. Paul early for some din before heading to the show.

What a fun night out with the girls!! We danced and sang all night.. I was pretty surprised how much Britney didn't lip sync! I've heard that that's how all of her shows are, but everything was done pretty well. Definitely a night I'll never forget!


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