Tuesday, March 8, 2011

DIY: Cupcake Liner Pomanders

A few weeks ago, I started helping my friend, Jody, plan her husband and sister's joint Rock Star Birthday Party. I had come across an incredible DIY Tutorial for pomanders on Kara's Party Ideas blog. I love the frilly appearance of cupcake liners and thought it would be really cool to incorporate them somehow. 

For the Rock Star Party, I thought it would be really cool to try using foil liners instead of paper. We made several more cupcake-liner pomanders with paper liners for the Anthropologie-Inspired Bridal Shower we just decorated for. Using paper liners - 2 at a time - definitely require a crazy amount of liners, so load up (we used approximately 400+ for a large styro ball). 

Here's how ya do it!

All you need: 
Styrofoam ball (the white styrofoam seemed to work better than the green)
Cupcake liners of your choice (amount depends on size of ball)
Glue gun & glue sticks
Straight pins (one per liner)

Kara's Party Ideas demonstrates with standard white/pink liners. For ours, we used foil and they turned out just as cool! To get started, decide if you want your pomander to be super-frilly, or more spread out. When using the foil liners, we spread them out a little more, in order to get the sweet reflection of silver and shininess. For a more ruffled look, definitely use 2 liners at a time. It saves you lots of time, by pulling them apart. I flipped mine inside out to make them easier to separate, as well as to use the shinier side on the inside. 

Grab a straight pin and stick it straight through the middle. Again, depending on how ruffly you want yours to turn out, squeeze the liner tight, in order to pack more liners on the ball. 

Add a little dot of hot glue to where the pin and liner meet. Obviously, hot glue is hot and it's almost impossible not to burn yourself while making these fabulous poms. 

Since the glue dries so fast, you have to move quick. Press the pins into the styrofoam balls, holding the liner/pinhead down to make sure the glue holds. Pack the liners in as much or as little as you want, depending on the look you're going for. Continue doing this throughout your entire ball. If you're using 2 liners at a time, be sure to ruffle them out once the glue has dried. If hanging, remember to leave a small space to attack ribbon/string for hanging.

The finished poms at our Rock Star Party - The lights, candles and everything reflected really well off of them!  We hung them, as well as rested them in wide candle/vases (which I mounted on upside-down tea light pedestals). 

If you get a chance to make these, send me a link! I'd love to see how yours turn out! :)


Credit for inspiration:
Kara's Party Ideas - DIY Tutorial


  1. These were so worth the effort! They turned out fab!

  2. They were so fabulous! everything about this party was. You and Jody rock the party planning world!


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