Friday, November 13, 2009

Miss You, Grandma!

Grandma's are amazing ladies! I wanted to write a little post, remembering my Grandma Dar, who passed a year ago today.

I miss her like crazy. This past year has been difficult for me - she was one of my closest friends. I miss not being able to share exciting news with her like I used to. I can have peace with this, because I know she is living again, with my grandpa again, in the greatest place of all. I smile, thinking of the lyrics to the song I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe.

[Grandma Dar & Me, Christmas 2007]

I will forever have memories from my childhood, teenhood and even adulthood. She was an incredible lady who loved Jesus with her whole heart. She lit up every room she walked into. She never complained. She was amazing at cooking (and I have recipes to prove it!). She was encouraging. She giggled constantly. She whistled in the kitchen and loved "I Love Lucy". She never forgot my birthday. She prayed for me and with me. She influenced me and many others! This world just isn't the same without her. I sure miss you, Grandma...


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Louis Armstrong

['Miss You' Photo -]

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