Friday, November 20, 2009

Angry Man, Please Don't Kill Me.

I'm not quite sure how to begin telling this story, but this post may be the epitome of what I mean by feeling dumbfounded, asking myself, "Did that JUST HAPPEN?!"

I had just finished up with my clients for the day, and was heading to Target to pick up a few things. It was a nice, little afternoon, not a care in my world. On my way, I clearly ran into some trouble. As I'm driving across the parking lot towards Target (specifically, in front of a Hobby Lobby) I came up behind a car which was stopped in the road, directly out front of Hobby Lobby. Now, imagine with me: If you came up to a stopped car in a busy, trafficked, shopping area, you might wait a moment, assuming the car may be waiting for someone or letting someone out... Perhaps their car was stalled? Or maybe they just didn't realize they were holding up a long line of cars (including myself). I looked for any indication that they were stuck, but there were no signs at all. I took the assumption that they just were not paying attention, so I tapped my wimpy lil' horn. Remember! I'm in no hurry, I even tried to flash a smile, to prevent angering this person, as I know it is easy to be forgetful and hold up traffic at times. Within a mili-second, a dude (maybe in his 20's) jumps out of the passenger side of the car and starts screaming and cussing, calling me names, arms flailing, and roaring at me to "go arouuuunnd".

Uhhh.. Did I miss something? I don't mind going around you, DUDE, but:

a) You don't need to scream, have some control. And why are you calling me names?

b) If you have a problem, make it known! Turn on your flashers or wave people to pass! How am I supposed to know what you're up to? I didn't think I was being rude at all by beeping and in essence saying, "Hello, kind sir, but you are holding up traffic"

c) I couldn't "go arouuunnnnd" because there were 5 or 6 cars lined up behind me, also waiting for this inconsiderate car to move. I was stuck.

With my jaw dropped, I attempt to respond to his ridiculous behavior and rage. I try to say to him, "Sorry! [nervous smile] I can't! [Fearing for my life] Do you need help? Are you stuck? [I'm really scared of you]" No response. The car, which by the way was a Dodge Stratus (of course) continued to sit, and the cars beind me continued to pile up. I waited. And waited. Finally, after thinking about how rude this guy really was, I decided to tap my horn again. I suppose it was an "iffy" move on my part, but what else could I do? I couldn't go around.

As soon as this happens, angry rage-man flies out of the passenger door again, crosses to my side (I am alone in my car) and as this is happening, I impulsively lock my doors. Thank the Lord my windows were up, or I just might be dead. He began spitting, punching and pounding on my car and on my window. As this is happening, I am screaming and panicking, completely hopeless, praying he doesn't break the glass. It lasts for quite a while, with plenty of people watching and doing nothing. All of a sudden, a girl gets out of the driver side of the car, screaming at the guy to "stop!!" and he finally stops and gets back in the car and they speed off.

I really can't quite describe just HOW ridiculous all of this was, but it really does remind me of the time Britney Spears attacked that paparazzi's car with an umbrella..

So immediately, I speed my window down (which surprisingly still worked!) to ask a man, who witnessed the whole thing, "What do I do?!" I was shaking so bad. His was shocked himself! He's like, "GO!! Go get their plate number and call the police!!" So I did! I can't believe I caught up to them. Turns out I had even more witnesses than I thought, including a precious Salvation Army bell-ringer-lady who kept asking me if I was OK. I spoke to an officer who came out and I guess we'll see what happens...

Do these ridonkulous situations honestly happen to anyone else?? Sometimes I think I'm the only one. Well, since I've known Justin, it seems we have had our fair share of dumfounding moments together. Wow.



  1. First off, I love the look of your blog. Everything. The shabby background, your header is my fave! The fonts...all of it! Just terrific. OK. But this post made me panic for you...utterly panic. You so maintained your peace but I would have been terrified. The horn is an iffy thing...I do get that and I personally tend to use it more than I should. Glad you are OK to post once again from a life full of "write that down" moments.

  2. Thanks for reading my little post!! It took me a while to figure out all the fonts and stuff, but I finally did.. Picasa has become my new buddy! :)

    And what a crazy psycho-guy! I hope he can get some help with those anger issues! Glad I made it out alive! :)

  3. Oh my gosh! That was so psycho! Thank goodness you had your windows up when he came back the second time. I'm glad there were all those other witnesses too!


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