Thursday, March 25, 2010

5 Reasons Why I Love the Month of March

Hello, spring! I love the big fluffy pink and white trees covered in flowers.. Half the people I know hate these because they stink or because of allergies, but I on the other hand, love 'em. I wish they were like that all year long. Until I moved here, I never knew what a "pollen count" was. Apparently pollen/allergies are a huuuge thing here in SC. I don't have allergies, so I guess I never really understand what all the hype is about.

The weather starts warming up, so we start planning trips to the beach..Mainly to Charleston.

St. Patrick's Day. We always think it's kind of annoying when people say they're Irish, just for St. Pat's , but whatevs. I do have some Irish in me on my Mom's side - not sure how much.

Tax Returns, baby! This year, we had unfortunate results. In NO case should anyone ever have to OWE money when taxes have been coming out of your income all year long. Ugh - Typical.

Justin and I celebrate our birthdays! Just 5 days apart, we try to make our "birthday week" last as long as possible.. We got some sweet and exciting packages from friends & family and had a fabulous dinner with friends. I don't even feel any older..


Lately, I've been lovin' some oldschool Marcy Playground --

[Photos - Weheartit]

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  1. The ones that smell are the Bradford pear trees. Wait until they're really strong and the wind starts blowing. They smell like FISH! The cherry blossom trees, I love, though. :)


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