Saturday, March 27, 2010

But I Found It So Entertaining...

I feel like I haven't been blogging as much lately.. I've keep waiting for something ridiculous to happen so I can share it with the my friends and family and the blogworld. I have to admit, I have almost begun to enjoy when something unbelievable happens (maybe not immediately at the time) because now I think, "Oh my gosh, I have GOT to blog about this..."

So, although I keep thinking life has been boring lately, we've actually been up to a lot! I've really been enjoying our Shepherding Group we have been going to for over 4 months now. We have met a lot of new, fun people. It's been really great to make new friends and branch out a little bit more. I swear I'm still homesick everyday.. I miss my family and my friends back home in the Midwest (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois & Indiana). I wish all of my favorite people would just gather together and we could all go to California and eat ice cream and go to the beach everyday and live happily ever after..Isn't that even a little bit possible??

We celebrated our birthdays (Justin - March 16, Me - March 21) and it was grand. It's been so exciting to open packages in the mail. I feel so loved and special. Justin made my birthday so sweet.. He bought me flowers, we had mimosas and pancakes for breakfast, went shopping and had a really nice dinner. One of my many lovely presents was a subscription to Psychology Today - which is honestly one of the coolest gifts I've ever received.

Work has been crazy. Stressful. Tiring. I'm realizing everyday that counseling and therapy is really what I want to be doing for the rest of my life.. Most days I love my job. Some days it's so overwhelming and stressful, and I hate that I feel like I can't help these some of these kids and their families. I'm to the point where I'm in desperate need of a vacation. The latest rumors floating around our clinic? Downsizing. I feel like I'm living in an episode of The Office. Everyone's been on their toes, I'm trying to crank my productivity and out-do myself. To be honest, I'm nervous because I haven't come up with a Plan B... yet.

Yesterday, I went to the zoo with one of my client's Kindergarten classes.. That age is honestly the best. AH! I laugh so much during our sessions because those kid's say the funniest things. I can't wait to have kids.. Even more, I can't wait until they will be old enough to have conversations with me!

I'm finally jumping back into reading the 3rd Twilight book - Eclipse. I had to put it on hold after Justin gave me the book, Dear John for Christmas and Stacie and I had our own personal "book club" as we read through it (ha!). Since we've both been going through Twilight series together as well, it's been really fun. Of course, we all know "Dear John" was made into a movie and of course, I had to see it. I thought it was good.. not amazing, but good! It drives me nuts when movies are made from books and everything gets twisted, details are missing and it's just not the same. Yeah yeah.. books are always better than the movie. I know this. I agree. But you have to admit, after spending hours and hours of reading a book and visioning the characters and scenes, how could you NOT want to see it come to life in a major motion picture?? I just wish movies would be more accurate. If it was my book turned into a movie and everything was twisted like Sophie Kinsella's "Confessions of a Shopaholic"? How insulting! Can't the directors and screenplay people just follow the books? How hard can that be? With all that said, I've finally started Eclipse and it's getting goood!!

We did have a recent "did that just happen?!" moment that a friend of mine was surprised I didn't blog about.. I swear, we have the WORST movie-going experiences. It's almost to the point where I dread going to the movies, because I know that everyone around me will be inconsiderate and rude. I can't remember the last time I went to a movie without thinking, "Are you kidding me right now???" People kicking our chairs, crying babies and people talking and snapping gum from beginning to end. What is wrong with people? Can't they just sit still and enjoy a movie they paid to see? I don't think I'm that irritable (atleast, I'm trying to minimize my complaints). I just don't get it. So we saw Dear John, we actually didn't go until last week, which happened to be it's last week in theaters, so I'm all the more excited, thinking "Yay! Less annoying people!" We find our seats, theater had maybe 10 people throughout. Within the first 10 minutes, people behind us are talking. Loud. So.. do I turn around and witchly go, "SHH!!!" or just get up and move? We chose to move. We moved down to seats behind a row of women.. a grandma, 2 young girls and a younger woman. Harmless, right? No way. During the entire movie, grandma kept getting up and shuffling down their row to the steps. She would stand on the steps for about 6 or 7 minutes and then sit on the steps. One of the young girls (who - of course - had the squeakiest chair in the whole theater) shuffles down the aisle to see what's up with grandma. 2 minutes later, they shuffle back to their seats. Uhhmm...? Justin and I look at eachother like, "Whaaat is going on?" Well, of course this fiasco happened another 4 or 5 times. Shuffling, standing on the steps, sitting on the steps, grandma was crying at one point, grandma moves back to her chair and whimpers. Grandma on the loose again. I can't believe we witnessed this circus the WHOLE movie. The poor lady should have just left! I don't think she saw any of the movie with all of her husky shuffling action. Why did she have to ruin it for everyone else?

Not much else going on.. Excited for my sister Vanessa to come visit again in April. We've been wedding planning for her wedding this September, and it's been oh-so fun! Wish Lanae could come down too.. Looking forward to my friend, Tiff's wedding in less than a month too! I love all of this wedding stuff!!!

Well, I'm off. Hopefully more exciting posts to come..


P.S. I can't stop listening to Lily Allen - She a little edgy, but I absolutely adore her.


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