Sunday, March 28, 2010

Uh, Babe? There's a Fire in the Oven!

So just yesterday I rambled in this blog about having nothing exciting or ridiculous to blog about.. And whattaya know?? Within minutes of posting it, my mind was screaming, DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?!

We were making a frozen pizza in the oven.. a common occurrence in our household. When we first moved into our apartment, we tried to be smart by laying tinfoil down on the bottom of the oven. We did this to avoid a nasty mess from all of the crud that somehow drips or causes oven-cleaning to be a royal pain. Many times I've noticed when things have made a mess in there and I've been oh-so-relieved that we had put tinfoil down. Well I don't even know if this had anything much to do with the tinfoil or not -- I've been meaning to replace the foil since it's been looking pretty "used" as it's done its job well by catching food and drips, etc. As the pizza was cooking last night, I was doing laundry and Justin was cleaning up in the kitchen. We both kind of smelled something "burnish" so I opened the oven to check the pizza.

As soon as I saw it, I was actually speechless. It took me a couple seconds to spit out, "Uh, babe? There's a fire in the oven!" There was a little flame coming from the bottom, and I couldn't tell if the oven itself was on fire, or if a pepperoni or cheese had somehow fallen off the pizza and ignited? Of course this would happen to us. We quick shut the oven off, got the pizza out (save the pizza!!) and poured some water on our little ambient campfire occurring inside our much-needed kitchen appliance. Wow. Thankfully the fire was put out with no problem, and no pizzas were harmed in the process (I'm kidding, I really don't care that much about the pizza..).

Somehow that little fire in our oven reminded me of the many times our air-conditioning unit froze over this summer - leaving this apartment scalding hot, and Justin and I baffled. I remember the first time it happened.. We opened the utility closet (containing the heater unit and air filter thing, and air conditioner thing) and we saw the air conditioner vent COVERED in snow. SNOW. Are you kidding me right now? Called and called for it to be looked at, because obviously something was up. I think it was around the 6th time it happened and it was 100+ degrees outside, I look at Justin and say, "Skip maintenace, I'll take care of this." and I whipped out my blowdryer and began blowdrying the snow off. Good idea? Eh.. I thought so, until I started to see bright blue flashes of light which freaked me out and Justin made me promise never to do it again. Creepy!

I wonder what normal life would be like with fire-free ovens and snow-free air conditioning units in the summer. Hmm.. All I can do is laugh, right?


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  1. Oh, eek! Have I ever told you about the time there were *fireworks* coming out from our oven? OMG. We've also had issues with our a/c unit. Oh apartment living!


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