Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm a Shabby Girl.

I'm totally a Shabby Girl.

I actually found shabbyblogs.com on accident and boy was it a sweet accident!! As you know, I first decided to start blogging back in October last year, and I wanted to make my little blog fabulous and personal - compared to other boring blogs I've seen. The second I found shabbyblogs, I saw light shining down on my laptop and angels singing.

[I know some of you read these posts straight from e-mail updates, but you gotta check out the actual thing sometime! It's a totally different experience! Hehe!]

With that said, Megan - the creator of shabbyblogs.com - designs the cutest backgrounds, buttons, headers, etc. for blogs and offers the most adorable freebies from time to time. I really wanted to pass these on, because they are too cute NOT to.

Today, Megan posted a freebie for some cute cupcake wrappers! Perfect for Easter!

1 of 2 designs - These ones happen to match my background! :)

Just wanted to share!

To download the cupcake wrappers or wanna make your blog fabulous, check out Shabbyblogs.com --


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