Sunday, April 11, 2010

If You Mess With My Friends, I Might Just Punch You.

I have debated whether or not to even blog about this. To be perfectly honest, I've had quite a few "Did that seriously just happen?!" motherloads lately, and it's been hard to "just laugh" these ones off.

It really makes me angry when people hurt my friends.

One of my dear, good friends is ready to tie the knot in a couple weeks. I am so beyond happy for her and the amazing man she has found and is about to marry. What an exciting time! Wedding plans, bridal showers, friends, family, support.. That's how it should be, right? I am just completely dumfounded by how inconsiderate people have been to her during these past few months. It's shocking. As much as it sucks, I can actually relate (on a smaller scale). Of course all wedding plans are expected to be insane and stressful. But you expect your close friends/family to be the most supportive and the least dramatic. Somehow, it's not that way. Like I said, my situation was on a much smaller scale, but I quickly learned who my true friends were. No one should make the bride feel she is an inconvenience, or an obligation. No one should be bothering her or stressing her out even more with complaints or irritations or drama. No one should make her feel bad for the colors she chooses, the jewelry she picks or the venue she wants. For pete's sake, no one should be bringing friends to bridal showers or reception without invitation. The wedding is HER day (obviously the groom's too.. but you know what I mean.). It is not about accomodating everyone else, it is about her. Why is that so hard to understand? Does this make more sense to me, because I know how it feels to be hurt by others' rudeness and inconsideration? Most likely.

You know, as I was venting away, I just remembered a "Did that just happen?!" weekend that I haven't blogged about because it happened in August 2007. Mulder (one of my best friends from college) got married.

I had moved here to SC that February, and so Justin and I had to drive our 24-hour drive to MN for the weekend. Since I was one of her bridesmaids, it was important for me to get there asap. Aside from the ridiculously exhausting drive on no sleep, I had to jump in the car with Jade (another best friend, bridesmaid) to drive 2 more hours to Mulder's hometown. The next day, Wedding Day, I had a nightmare with my shoes (somehow forgot them? Then managed to spill foundation on them?). Of course it worked out (as it always seems to..).

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous. When leaving the church to head to the reception, Justin and I jumped in my car, to find that we were dragging a large piece of something.. Unsure what it was. Um. Story of my life. I began to panic, and pretty much everyone was gone by this point, including my family (my dad who booked it out of there and left us in the dust!), which left us with the only option to catch a ride with some complete strangers. How embarassing! Long story short, we made it to the reception and somehow my dad kept trying to talk to Mulder's poor brother to see if he could help fix my car so we could make it home that night. Are you kidding me? It's his sister's wedding day! I know my dad was trying to help me, he had nice intentions, and we were hours out of town, but I don't think he was thinking properly. He managed to try to talk to Mulder's dad too!! Augh, how humiliating! Luckily, her brother tracked down a friend to wire my exhaust system back up into my car (with a clothes hanger) so we could atleast make it home. There's really no way to describe the stress and frustration of that night, when all I wanted.. ALL I wanted, was to enjoy my friend's wedding day. Aside from searching for a 'mechanic' all night, some idiots crashed the reception. Not only did they crash it, but one of the flippin' a-holes spilled red wine all over Mulder's wedding gown. AUGH!!! If I remember correctly, she punched him in the face. If I had been close enough, I might have done the same.

Thankfully, our exhaust system rigged up with a hanger managed alright, as Justin and I drove through one of the most treacherous thunderstorms we have ever driven in, on our way back to my parents' home. Dodging debris and trees in the road.. I just remember crying and praying to make it out alive. Our 2-hour drive turned into 6.5 hours. We made it back to the Twin Cities around 6am and had to leave for SC (24 more hours) later that day. My gosh. Why?

Now that I look back on my sweet friend's wedding day, I just hope it wasn't poo'd on my my crappy car problems. Of all the times for my exhaust pipe to fall off, why then? Does this happen to anyone else? I doubt it. Oh, Mulder, if you're reading this.. Please forgive me again?

I feel like I have quite a few stories lately regarding people being rude or inconsiderate to my friends. This makes me wanna scream. If you can't say something nice, don't say it. Giving "constructive criticism" in a smug way on something you clearly know nothing about, will only receive 2 things in response from me.. No respect, and a new nickname: Willie.

Thanks for hearing me vent, and story-tell.

I think you catch my drift: Don't mess with my friends. It ticks me off. Bad.



  1. I totally love this blog and completely agree with you.
    People are way selfish and down right mean sometimes.
    Things that aren't even about them, they try to make about them. Ugh!
    I'll just be straight with ya, a lot of things at my wedding will be different and not traditional or the "norm." If someone doesn't like it, they don't have to come! :)

    I appreciate your true understanding of friendship!


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