Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Friend, Tiffany

I have known my friend, Tiffany, for over 3 years now.. and she is a true blessing. I guess you could say "fate brought us together" (ha!) but I really believe there's no way I would have met her without the grace of God!

In January 2007, I was desperate for a South Carolina roomate, as my plans had fallen through (of course). I had finally graduated college and decided to move down south to have a normal relationship with Justin, plus I was fed up with freezing Minnesota. It all happened really fast, but a mutual friend who knew I needed a place and who also knew Tiffany needed a roomie. I remember talking on the phone with Tiff that night and we said, "Well.. Ok! Let's do it!" I gotta say, It was pretty exciting. I moved my life down to SC a month later, and walked into Tiff's home like it was a blind date. Quite a strange feeling, but it was it was a fabulous fit for both of us. On top of it all, she worked at the same mental health clinic that I was hired and still work at, and she also went to the same church Justin has been attending for the years he's lived here. Kind of a small world?

So, Tiff and I have been through quite a bit together! Living in the same city as Justin for the first time in my life was pretty insane, and she was right by my side for every moment. The first few days after I had moved in, I remembered telling her, "I'll probably spend lots of time with him at first.. ya know.. making up for all these years of long-distance-dating.." Poor Tiffany put up with Justin and me - connected at the hip - everyday I lived with her. We have so many memories of her in the "dating field" and trying to find Mr. Right.. We both just kept waiting for that day to come. All Tiff would keep saying is, "Aughh, I'm going to die single!!"

The time finally came when Justin proposed, and Tiffany kept me sane and calm during my wedding-planning insanity. She came through for me once again, helping bind all of my wholesale flowers together on my wedding day, creating all of my bouquets and corsages. I still don't know how she did it. She's an amazing friend.. more than I deserve really.

So with all that said.. Tiffany finally met a man. A REAL, good, sexy, amazing, perfect, Tiffany man. They met at Starbucks, and they couldn't be more perfect for eachother.

If you have been following this blog (or know me personally), you know that Tiff and Andy were just married on April 24th, 2010! I am just so beyond happy for them. Tiffany has quite a life story.. as well as a whoppers of a wedding-planning stories, which she has been blogging as she went. She has been such a good friend to me - and SO many others.. It has beyond floored me what she has gone through during this process, which should be excitingly stressful, not painfully stressful. I had the honor to share in all of these plannings and all of the excitement since the beginning. I also had the honor to be her personal attendant and do her makeup for her big day.. She was absolutely stunning.

Tiff & Andy were married up at the Cliff's at LaBastide which is honestly like the perfect fairytale setting for a wedding. Holy cow. Tuscan atmosphere, vineyards and rolling hills.. It was so her. It was a bummer though, because it was an outdoor wedding and it rained most of the day and night. Thankfully, it was tented and romantic, so everyone stayed perfectly dry! She used the same photographer that we used for out wedding - Denny Shortt - and it was really fun to see him again and work with him while I was getting her made up. The entire event was incredible - amazing food, good to see friends, and just a great time. Her mom topped the night off with the most priceless reception speech I have ever heard in my life.

I am so thrilled for my friend, that she is finally getting to enjoy this new excitingness in her life.. She so deserves the best!



  1. Aww thank you friend for your sweet words! I was so glad you were there with me and let me vent! I love you!!!

  2. aw, what a sweet friend you are to make this blog for Tiffany!

    I checked her blog you tagged and I read a!
    I'm thankful to say I really don't think I'll have those problems...I hope!
    Yet another reason I want to be chill about the wedding and not have too many specific things I want...then when it goes wrong, oh well. :)

    Your blogs about her have shown that you are one of those true friends that don't suck at life like the dumb girl who wouldn't come because she wasn't maid of honor. what is she, 5 years old and playing dress up? wow.


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