Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's About to Break, Break Like a Fever

I really haven't been writing much lately.. Mostly because I've been super busy, and also because I decided not to.

A lot has happened in the past 10 days! I have been working a lot and recently got "the call" from HR at my job. Every year, at our starting date, we have to take a mandatory, 2-week sebbatical. It's a pretty bittersweet situation. No work for 2 weeks. Nice. Unpaid? Not nice. When I got "the call" telling me whether or not I would be approved for sebbatical and a restart date (our program has been on the rocks because of the economy and budgets, blah blah). So yeah! I got the call and it was good news. I was approved, but my sebbatical had to be pushed 2 weeks earlier (April 19 through May 3) - which I was really unprepared for. When I went in to sign papers and finalize everything, I was sent down the road for my very first "drug test". Yeah, strange I know. Seeing as I'm 26 years old and never had a drug test. It was fun I guess (HA!), maybe because I have never touched a drug in my life. Justin asked me that morning if I had eaten any poppyseeds lately.. That would be my luck completely, wouldn't it? Luckily I hadn't - not that I had anything to worry about!

Last week, I basically had to quickly notify my clients and remind them several times, "That's right, we will NOT be having session for the next two weeks." Some of them had a hard time with the early news, and I honestly expected atleast 1 or 2 of them to forget, and come to our regularly scheduled session anyway. Sure enough, 1 did forget (so far) and was apparently waiting in the clinic's waiting room for 45 minutes before calling me, so I could remind them that we were NOT having session. I felt kind of bad, but I guess it's bound to happen.

It worked out pretty nice because my sister, Vanessa (nurse in IN), has been planning to come down to visit with her roomie for some time now, and my sebbatical dates fell perfectly in place. They came down last week and left yesterday. We had a fun weekend at the beach and spent time relaxing and shopping here in Greenville (read post)!

Still really missing my friends. I haven't been home since last August, and I feel like I'm dying of loneliness.

My good friend, Tiffany's wedding is this Saturday! Excited to do the makeup and be a part of her big day. Still trying to decide what to wear. Hmm.

It's been pretty exciting to do more weddings as a freelance artist (versus brides coming to the makeup counter). Aside from Tiff's, I just booked a mutual friend's wedding day for makeup, my sister's wedding is this fall, along with another good friend of mine this fall. Eeee! I haven't even spoken much about the huge opportunity to do makeup (a friend of mine was featured) for Redbook photoshoot - which should be coming out in June or July? I'll definitely be posting about that one when I'm able to talk about it.

I'll never forget the first makeover I did on a woman when I was working for Lancôme (about 7 years ago?). She came to the counter to buy some concealer for her two, very recent black eyes. Whew! I didn't ask any questions, but we ended up doing an entire consultation and makeover, which consisted of her breaking down and crying. Apparently her husband/bf and her were in a fight and he beat the crud out of her. It was pretty emotional, but a great experience. After my first makeover, I felt like I could do anything! I'm really proud to be able to be in the cosmetic world for this long (which has not, and will never include Mary Kay or any other recruiting schemes!), especially without any cosmotology school or anything. I've always wanted to take a few classes for fun, anyway. With all that said, I know for a fact that I could not have come this far without my friend, Misty, who I've had the honor to work beside. Aside from practicing and just playing around, she really did teach me everything I know.

That's pretty much my life as of now. Finally caught up on Project Runway and 1 behind on Lost. Looking forward to the rest of this week and next week work-free. I have a few things planned, so I'm excited! I've been pretty emotionally and mentally drained for a while now, so a break is exactly what I need.

p.s. You should totally check out my friend, Tiffany's (another Tiffany!) blog, In Pursuit - She and her hubby have had some insane adventures traveling to Bangladesh. Crazy stories already!!

I'm listening to: Third Eye Blind - About to Break

[Lyrics - Third Eye Blind]


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