Monday, June 7, 2010

I Miss the O.C.

Oh man, I sure miss The O.C. I was just thinking back on all of the memories that came with watching that wonderful show. Cheesy and dramatic, I know, but oh so good.

Believe it or not, but back in 2003, Justin got me hooked on it. I thought Mischa Barton's acting was absolutely hysterical, but after the Pilot episode, I was totally hooked. I was so hooked, that I ended up hooking my family, friends and roomies on it too, as well as ended up owning all 4 seasons. I remember I was driving to work one day (in 2007), when my mom called to make sure I was parked, before telling me the horrific news that The O.C. was coming to an end. Devastation!

If you never watched the show, it's a bummer. One of the things I miss most: the music. Since watching The O.C., my music collection has tripled (I'm sure), as the music featured on each episode was chosen so perfectly. Thanks to The O.C., I have fallen for Phantom Planet, Rooney, Imogen Heap, Alexi Murdoch, Keane..Too many to count. Oh man.. I miss it.


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  1. You got me hooked, years later. And I miss it, too. I have a great idea! Why don't we re-watch the whole thing?

  2. Girl! I am ALL for re-watching the whole thing!! How fun! :)


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