Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Namaste, Losties!

Last summer, I fell in love with the TV show Lost. Of all of the series Justin and I have enjoyed together, Lost was one-of-a-kind. I remember seeing previews for it - 6 years ago - and I remember thinking that I wanted to see it. It looked islandy and beachy and actually really intriguing.

I guess I forgot about it, and kept thinking I still wanted to see it, but I didn't want to start in the middle of the series. Friends of ours had gotten into it (and loved it) so all the more I wanted to see it! The opportunity finally hit me last summer, when I found a used Season 1 for $12.00. Eee!

Justin was definitely skeptical at first. In fact, I had to convince him to watch it with me, just to give the first couple episodes a chance. Even into the 3rd episode, he was still "ehh" about it, and it made no sense, because I LOVED it! He kept watching it with me, and soon enough, he was hooked. All of last year, we breezed through the seasons, getting my family hooked and even Stacie and her family hooked on it too. It was fun to talk about theories and "what's gonna happen?!" moments with other friends who were open-minded enough to give it a chance and agreed that it was a pretty awesome show. Of course, we're disappointed that Lost is done and over with.. the final season (season 6) just concluded this past May. As Justin and I are all about parties and going big, we decided to have a Lost party with our fellow Losties, for one last 'Aloha'.

With any party, we put lots of consideration into the decor, music and food. There are SO many fun things to do for a Lost party.. especially with plenty of resources online (Dharma labels, logos etc.). Here are some photos preparing and from our crazy night:

I think invitations are definitely a huge part of any party. I really wanted to get created for these, plus we wanted everyone to get excited! I found a template online to make boarding pass invitations. We wanted to add some extra information for the party, so I created a "baggage claim ticket" and ticket jackets for the invites as well. They looked pretty realistic!

What's a Lost party without a Smoke Monster?? We created this beast out of newspaper, a big bag of pillow stuffing and loads of spray adhesive. Once we managed to make it all stick together, we covered it with about 2 cans of black spray paint. It looked pretty darn close to Smokey!

We came up with a sweet idea to make the 815 Fuselage. The sheet was a steal - only $3.50 from Goodwill. I just 'googled' the Oceanic logo and blew it up as big as I could to fit on several sheets of paper. I cut it out into a stencil and we spray painted it, along with giant scuff-marks and did our best to make it look as though the front and back of the plane had broken off.

The best place to hang it was above and around our island/bar. We really wanted to cut out plane windows, but since it was so messy hanging our walls, we had to put another sheet behind it. No worries, it still turned out pretty sweet.

For the main/food area, Justin put up a tarp and some bamboo posts we already had (..still setting up!)

There were so many options for what to put on our front door.. but we decided to go with the "Namaste!" All of the Dharma logos were super easy to find online. I made my own "Quarantine" sign for the inside of the door, using a stencil font.

Justin created the coolest Hatch out of cardboard, tape and spray paint. He did such a great job! For trees and plants, we had some help from friends - Tiffany's hubby does landscaping, so he snagged us some real leaves and branches.. Plus were able to borrow 2 large, fake trees after pulling some strings (hehe). To tie it all in together, we bought a few strands of greenery from the Dollar Tree, a live palm tree and a tropical-looking, potted plant.

"The numbers are bad, the numbers are bad!!!" - Hurley

We used a few of our suitcases for decor.. One for the plates, napkins and silverware (Notice Hurley's puffy headphones, for an added little touch! Ha!).

We really wanted to create an old-school computer (from the Hatch), but it was too much extra work. Instead, we made a screensaver that looked just like the screen (who cares if it's a laptop!).

No Lost party is complete without decking everything in Dharma labels! Took quite a while, but was well worth it!

Kate's handcuffs...

Justin personalized some of the suitcases we threw around.. Plus we put out his guitar case to look like Charlie's. This suitcase obviously represented good ol' Jack!

It was really easy to find the logo for Charlie's band, "Drive Shaft".. I resized them to fit into a cd case.

More decor.. Locke's bag, including his notorious knives and a couple BB guns for effect! We had to put out Claire's peanut butter and some yummy pineapple salsa..

We had this ceramic rabbit, which we just printed an "8" so it would resemble Dr. Chang's experiemental rabbit.

We had the Season 1 dvd's playing for some memories.. and also had Michael Giacchino's scores from the show playing on my ipod.

We came up with the coolest idea to sketch out the hidden map from the Hatch on our bathroom mirror. I used highlighters for the whole thing, and we replaced the regular lightbulbs with black lights. It turned out really cool!!

I decided to go as "Crazy Claire" -- I borrowed a pellet gun from Jutin's bro and Justin created the creepiest baby for me too!

Justin dressed as Charlie -- We bought some blonde hair spray, but it turned out super gold! He sure rocked his eyeliner and costume!!

We tied Romeo's little stuffed bear to him, and called him a "little-kid Other". He dragged it around, just like the kid did! We really wanted to dress him up as a wild boar, but it didn't work out..

Our friends really got into character with some rad costumes!! Dharma polar bear, Claire, an Other and a Dharma beer (runner up in costume contest)..

Sane Claire vs. Crazy Claire!

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, complete with a beard and Mr. Cluck's uniform! Jody won 1st place in our "Most Creative Costume Contest".

Posing with Kate

Courtney & Jeff came as the Kate and the Air Marshal - so creative!

Paul came as the Drive Shaft drummer - Rock on, boys!!

Time to eat!! We wanted to get super creative with food, and I think we came up with a pretty good menu..

Sun's Garden Salad --

Locke's Wild Boar (Kielbasa with pineapple) --

Hurley's Mr. Cluck's Chicken (popcorn chicken) with ranch dressing --

Jin's Fisherman Crab Dip --

Along with Kate's Fresh Fruit (mango, pineapple, oranges and strawberries), I made Sayid's Middle Eastern Fruit Dip --

Had to include Claire's Peanut Butter Cravings (cookies with mini Reese's cups) --

Island and Dharma cupcakes --

More decor -- Shells, mangoes and papaya

Posing with Danielle Rousseau

Sawyer & Ana Lucia

Andy as a Mary Statue from Mr. Ecko's plane -- He earned lots of votes for his creativity!

Justin's Hatch lit up with a whopping 500 watt light inside!

Imitating Locke's orange-peel smile!

Group shots --

The night was a total blast! We played a Lost Trivia game, and the winner won an Appollo bar & 2 lotto tickets.. Our costume contest winner got a Starbucks gift card - Everyone looked amazing and it was definitely a great way to say one last 'goodbye' to one of the coolest shows ever aired. I already can't wait to rewatch the whole series!



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Additional fonts used: www.kevinandamanda.com

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  1. Love it!!
    I am glad that you got me excited about trying Lost out and that I was able to keep an open mind and was able to make time to watch it!
    So much fun!
    Hopefully, I will never watch 6 seasons of a show in that short of time again, but it was a blast!
    You're party was great, and I was SO impressed with all the decorations, costumes, and the invitations! The food was AMAZING too :)
    love ya girl, cya in therapy ;) lol

  2. Aw, I'm so glad you gave it a chance too!! We had sucha blast.. It was so fun to meet your maaan! Love ya too, loopdy doop! :)


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