Monday, December 20, 2010

Girl's Night In - Mon Parti Francais

I didn't have a chance to blog about this at the time, but I wanted to share..

Since posting about the Italian Soiree I recently hosted, I keep thinking about the first big "Girl's Night" I hosted back in August 2009. After seeing (and LOVING) Julie & Julia, I felt inspired to throw a French-themed Girl's Night In. All of the girls were told to wear pearls and heels, as well as bring something French (and unique!) to share. We had the most fabulous evening!

Little 'Mon Ami' name cards (13 total) I made for the table [Eiffel Tower image origin, unknown]

Pearls, of course
Aside from wine, I served Pastis (an anise-flavored French liqueur) related to Absinthe. Pastis is a huge hit, especially in the south of France. Favored by Picasso, Van Gogh and Hemingway, best mixed with champagne, lemonade or water. 
As a small little favor, I individually-wrapped some yummy cappuccino truffles
I arranged a platter of French-style crudités 
I also made 4-cheese and broccoli quiche
French Salad Nicoise - very interesting! 
Spinach & Mushroom Pinwheels
French Crêpes 
Chocolate Mousse
Brie with Raspberry Chutney
Mixed fruit and cheese

Looking back, I wish I had done more as a centerpiece/fixture. I hung a paper lantern with suspended letters in "Paris"

After dinner, we watched Chocolat

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