Monday, December 27, 2010

Picasa & Bummer on Photo Storage

It's really not a big deal, not even necessarily blog-worthy, but I just wanted to share..

Apparently I have reached my maximum in posting photos on my blog before having to purchase additional space! I guess since Blogger hooked up with the wonderful world of Picasa, the limit photo storage has changed. I am a little shocked to say that I have reached the max by posting 1,000 photos since starting my blog just over a year ago in October 2009. Are you kidding me right now?! I know I love photos, but wowza!

It's a good thing, since each of the photos I post are stored in Picasa Web Albums.. but I don't really utilize Picasa for anything other than editing. It sure works out for them, when high-roller-photo-posters (like me) senselessly post photos left and right and need to purchase more space, if they wanna keep blogging with photos. It is literally impossible for me to blog without photos.. it's boring without photos! So, for $5.00/year, I now have 20x the space than the standard free 1,000 uploads.

Just wanted to share, especially to my fellow blogger friends who are just as photo-happy as I am!


[Photo - weheartit]

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