Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Baby Shower Inspired by the Jungle

When my friend Tiffany (and old roomie) told me she was expecting, we screamed for a good 5 minutes straight. Of course, some of my first thoughts were, "YEEEE!! BABY SHOWER!" Plans for my jungle-inspired baby shower began months and months ago, after she found out she was having a boy and wanted to decorate his room with a "jungle theme". I really wanted to design my own invitations, since usually I can do it pretty reasonably. I began looking on Etsy for ideas, when I hit the jackpot when I found The Invitation at a shop called Inspired Designs. They do a lot of fun, different invitations, etc, and their jungle-themed invites were absolutely perfect. I picked my favorite and also ordered the matching toppers/favor tags. Samantha was unbelievably helpful and accommodating.. They were perfect. I printed the invites and tags at Bellis and mounted each one to corresponding cardstock (greens, blues, red, yellow, brown) . I added a little twine, for texture. Love!

I spent some time visiting with Tiff's mom to discuss details and I began planning away! As usual, I couldn't have finished everything alone (I guess I could, but it would take me 10x longer!). Lots of help from Tiffany's mom and friends -- Gina, Becky, Trish & Jen!

I decided to do a fun, animal print & colored flag garland, plus a leaf garland to create a "jungly" feel. Tulle poms and some other jungle-inspired details really seemed to create a fun little party!

I found some plain, wooden letters at Hobby Lobby and wanted to do something fun spelling "baby". I originally pictured them, wrapped with twine or leafy, but I ended up painting them yellow, and using my x-acto knife to cut matching animal-print letters to cover them. For the baby onesie clothesline, I originally planned to do 7 onesies, each with a letter to spell out the baby's name, "Charlie". After thinking things through, I decided to do the 3, with a "Charlie" banner above Tiffany's seat.

Favors were white chocolate-covered oreos.. I made them for the first time, and the process was quick and easy, just like the chocolate-covered pretzels. I had to tie the cute tags I ordered onto each one, saying, "Thanks for swinging by!" The "wisdom tree" I made was jungle-inspired, where guests left notes of wisdom or advice for Tiffany. She loved it!

Make your own "Ants-on-a-Log" and Veggies

Fruit with Cherry Fruit Dip

Chicken Salad

Deviled Eggs

Peanut Butter M&M's & "Cookies n' Creme" Pretzel Buttons

{I also made those fun little red pedestal trays!}

Chocolate Chip & Coconut Muffins with Whipped Butter

Feta & Artichoke Tarts

Coffee Punch


Cake was ordered from Strossner's - Raspberry Lemon. Delish!!

Becky, Gina, Me & Tiffany

Tiff and her mom, Tina

Baby games!

So happy for you, Tiffany and Andy! Definitely one of the most memorable showers I've been apart of!


Jungle Images:
Invitations: Etsy Shop, Inspired Designs


  1. momma-to-be looks gorgeous in that dress! Girl, I just love your parties. One day, I am totally going to have you do one for me. :)


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