Thursday, March 24, 2011

Introducing... Little Miss Coco Chanel


Isn't she adorable?!

2 years ago, Justin surprised me on my birthday with our sweet, lil' man, Romeo.. He totally did it again. Another puppy! We have been wanting a little girl for the longest time and she's absolutely perfect. Romeo totally loves his new little companion.. They get along like peanut butter and jelly! Since Romeo still isn't fixed, we are still deciding whether or not to have puppies when she's old enough. We'll see!

It was really fun to go with Justin this time to pick the puppy. When we scheduled the time to go look at them, we knew it was between two girl Yorkies, one 11 weeks, the other 13 weeks. When we finally made it there and spent time with both pups. The older one was much larger and had lots of white in her. She was cute, but definitely not very friendly. The younger one was much more relaxed and sweet.. she even fell asleep as I was holding her suspended in the air (bless her little heart!). We chose the younger one and the moment was so surreal! 

We spent quite a while deciding on a name for our little lovey.. We decided on Coco Chanel, after my all-time favorite designer and one of the most fabulous and iconic ladies in the world. 


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