Monday, June 20, 2011

A Father's Day Jazz Party

This post is way overdue, but I had to share what we did for my dad for Father's Day.

My dad has always been a huge jazz fanatic. Since this was the first Father's Day I could be a part of since 2006, we wanted to make it a little special. Our plan was to throw a jazz-inspired lunch party -- something simple and affordable. We created the party decor with all things I already had, which just left us to pitch in for food. The colors we chose were purples, blues, blacks and silvers. Music was a no-brainer - his favorite, Down to the Bone. I was pretty happy with our complete and very simple DIY celebration!

Crazy to have the four of us together at once!

On the menu..
My homemade, stuffed Bacon-Cheddar Hamburgers, "Mom's baked beans", Potato Salad, Fruit, Mountain Dew and Orange Pop (duh!) and Raspberry Jell-o Poke Cupcakes. Since we were still preparing the food and we weren't ready, we had to keep him occupied with our own jazzy entertainment.. oh my word! Haha

Nothing like "Down to the Bone"!
Vanessa, showing her true colors.. 

Frosting the cupcakes
 Like I said, we did things small and simple. Wrapped vases, candles and some easy little DIY stuff. To pull in the "jazz", we cut out some music notes out of black cardstock. I was pretty set on creating a sort of "piano-ish runner out of paper.. It was more "abstract" than I planned, but I thought it turned out pretty cute!

He was pretty impressed with all of our hard work!

Fringed streamers and circle garland definitely made the room feel more "jazzy" (oh, sheesh!)
Piano runner

Always chaos!

Lunch was full of memories of Daddio. Lots of laughs!
The Raspberry Jello-o Poke Cupcakes were to die for.. Vanessa made the cute toppers!

Mum & Dad
After stuffing ourselves, we jumped into an intense 8-person game of Wahoo.. What a fun day!

Wahoooo! (Looks like the girls were winning.. HA!)


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