Monday, June 6, 2011

A Big, Fat Uhual + Our Last Night in Greenville

Lanae and Jordan finally arrived late on Saturday the June 4th. It was so great to be able to have help and company for the move.. There's absolutely no way Justin and I could have done it alone. L & J and my sister Vanessa (who's schedule wouldn't allow it, wah!), were the only people who offered to literally help move us. I feel like I owe them so much for the sacrifices they made - days of work and one-way flights - Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The four of us woke up early to finish packing some things before heading to Uhual to get our beastly truck. 

Lanae in our sea of boxes
Orgaized, but plenty more to do
You always have 10x the stuff you think you have. We threw so much out, but we still had  a TON of stuff..
It was only 95 degrees when we went to pick up the truck later that morning. Thank goodness we ordered the 17', if we had ordered the 14' truck, we would have been doomed.

Justin getting used to driving a beastly truck

Trying to maneuver into parking spots for loading
Just as the day began to get more humid and hot, our sweet friends who offered to help us began arriving. Remember when Justin and I bought our Bertha Big-Screen from a friend of ours and accepted the fact that there was a chance we'd never get it back down the 6 flights of stairs? Well, we decided to go for it.

Bertha vs. 6 men
"Ok. How do we do this?"
The fears of it flying over the edge came rushing back all over again!
Jody helping with packing our kitchen
Ready to go into the truck..
There was a point in the day, where we weren't sure if it all would even fit..
Caleb and Micah organizing in the truck, playing a big game of 3D Tetris
After a long day of packing and packing, we all met up with Caleb & Mel at Applebees for some apps and a moment of relaxation.. More heavy cleaning in the morning!

The next day, Courtney, Tiffany, Becky, Gina & Curtis came to help clean (I can't believe I didn't get more pictures!). 

Lanae & Jordan taking a little break
Keeping the pups entertained!
Tiff & Courtney.. SO grateful to all of our friends who made time to come help us!

Shampooing the carpet to hopefully avoid any extra charges
Everything was finally finished. The strangest the happened as we were loading a few last things into the truck.. Our weirdo-Albanian neighbors were walking around downstairs between our boxes and by our cars.. and one of the guys took a picture of our license plate. Whaat? I definitely felt pretty paranoid after Justin told me and we actually contemplated driving the big truck to park somewhere else in case a big "heist" went down in the middle of the night. Ha! We decided to get an extra lock for the truck and just trust that everything would be fine. We loaded a few last things into the truck (minus our mattress and suitcases for the hotel), cleaned up and headed downtown for our last night in Greenville.

Man, I'm gonna miss this place.
Mellow Mushroom + friends was the perfect Last Night.

Lanae and her "small" pizza
Jyosh & Tegree

Love this picture.. Justin, Me, Jodes & Paul
Micah & Rachel
One last stroll in Falls Park..

Theresa, Me & Jody
Jordan, Justin & Josh
Jordan, Josh, Micah, Justin & Paul
Rachel, Lanae, Me, Jody & Theresa

"You better put this on Facebook, Alan.."
I gotta say, I really had to psych myself out to keep from crying. I knew it would be hard to say 'goodbye' to all of our good friends.. especially those who have been so close to us during the move and process of packing our life into over a hundred boxes. I finally let myself cry once we got back in the car. Just keep telling myself: We will be back in October.. We will be back in October..


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