Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Man With the Six-Fingered Hand..

Two weeks ago, on a Sunday...

Justin's Facebook status read "Sunday Bloody Sunday". I noticed this, and thought, "Well, jeez! That's gruesome!" Little did I know, It's actually a U2 song (and clearly I'm not a big U2 fan..). We were actually having a really nice, relaxing Sunday, so I thought it was only appropriate to respond. It went like this:

Justin -- Sunday bloody Sunday
[April 25 at 3:35pm • Comment • Like/Unlike]

Alanna - Gross! I thought we were having fun!
[April 25 at 3:40pm • Comment • Like/Unlike]

Two minutes later, he responds..

Justin - blue floating vehicles on the overpass?? [April 25 at 3:42pm]

I guess that's when it all started.. It didn't make any sense at all, but it didn't have to. It was ON. Totalling with 56 comments of back-and-forth randomness. It got so silly, that we were to the point of responding withing minutes of eachother, each giggling on our own laptops. So, without any explanation, here are 56 silly reasons why I love my husband...

Alanna - All the horses in the land.. [April 25 at 3:47pm]

Justin - ..the man with the six-fingered hand.. [April 25 at 3:49pm]

Alanna - What would Croshta do in a situation as difficult as choosing between 2 kites? [April 25 at 3:58pm]

Justin - So that the gang of outcast scarecrows could play laser tag with torches.. [April 25 at 4:00pm]

Alanna - Little dots on the people-pleasers! Even though they said not to.. [April 25 at 4:03pm]

Justin - and the wax scorpions danced the night away to the techno-beats of DJ venom hands. [April 25 at 4:06pm]

Alanna - 35 ways to make a balloon animal after dusk [April 25 at 4:16pm]

Justin - musky ointment accidentally oozed into my oatmeal.. [April 25 at 4:20pm]

Alanna - But little did you know, Mr. Quinn tripped into a puddle of syrup, soiling his new bowtie [April 25 at 4:23pm]

Justin - pulling parsnips from over-used ear canals, the lad with two left eyes cried onion juice.. [April 25 at 4:26pm]

Alanna - That wrinkle in time made me forget to catch the marshmallow train to Kopenhagen [April 25 at 4:27pm]

Justin - dancing in the television trance, second glance causing vomit.. [April 25 at 4:29pm]

Alanna - My duty to forgive the toothbrush-salesmen who forgot my birthday [April 25 at 4:30pm]

Justin - meanwhile, 3 eager earwigs played hop-scotch on my pancreas. . [April 25 at 4:39pm]

Alanna - The sound of a baby's hiccups after a hefty jumprope tournament. [April 25 at 8:02pm]

Justin - dead furry dandelions dangled from her tingling tonsils.. [April 25 at 11:02pm]

Alanna - The dusty extension chord participated in a 5-course meal. [April 25 at 11:12pm]

Justin - it's because he was born with ten thumbs in place of toes.. [April 25 at 11:24pm]

Alanna - The cab-driver was fully equipped with an abundance of hair gel. [April 26 at 2:01am]

Justin - Lil lizzard lips kissing their hips.. [April 26 at 9:44am]

Alanna - Follow the salt and pepper to the next level. [April 26 at 10:13am]

Justin - what?? ..The catfish canoe down by the wharf? [April 26 at 3:45pm]

Alanna - Sharon Windowski claimed it never drifted for the beancake. [April 26 at 5:56pm]

Justin - garage door drive thru, one salted sofa, please... [April 26 at 6:00pm]

Alanna - The pancakes fell one by one, ranking the style of an average lunar eclipse. [April 26 at 6:03pm]

Justin - oh, Wendel the miniature puppet? He's at Target in the toilet paper repair shop [April 26 at 6:08pm]

Alanna - Swift jabs at the rectangular basketball hoops. Never again. [April 26 at 6:12pm]

Justin - always again! said Big Bird sternly, adorned in slushy antlers of all kinds.. [April 26 at 6:17pm]

Alanna - Jumbo sheets of glass collecting donations for the cause. [April 26 at 8:05pm]

Justin - What culinary cause? Bee-cause? Stings ink jelly grape.. [April 26 at 8:10pm]

Alanna - Reject those frosted flakes like a 6-year old napkin. [April 26 at 9:20pm]

Justin - google me those mexican jumping jack tater tots.. [April 26 at 9:24pm]

Alanna - Don't follow Patrick to the donut shop, he always folds his loose-leaf paper in disrespectful ways. [April 26 at 10:27pm]

Justin - you mean Patrick from scottsdale? he once put a dirty football in my mouth...dirty! [April 26 at 10:43pm]

Alanna - Vertical slip n' slide, forever blink with one eye. [April 26 at 11:07pm]

Justin - pink eye, noodle nose blower.. [April 26 at 11:13pm]

Alanna - A receipt from the sauna transaction may offer potential to every other sailboat captain. [April 27 at 9:34pm]

Justin - sack o' potatoes packed tightly the striped whales' blowhole.. [April 27 at 9:46pm]

Alanna - Scrape off the butter grass from the church programs..We can't afford to lose another heatlamp. [April 27 at 9:50pm]

Justin - flossing with an iron chain. oops. it still was and wasn't Miles Standish. [April 27 at 9:53pm]

Alanna - The 3-foot bridge made of jello was auctioned off to a fluffy lad. [April 27 at 9:56pm]

Justin - Freud walked or boated towards russia island place in order that, so to lead more astray into big cole slaw boots. [April 27 at 10:00pm]

Alanna - Ronald shook hands with Don Shelby by way of sealing the helium host from seeking further questions. [April 27 at 10:04pm]

Justin - Is that because his lips are smoothed out of stop signs and cork board materials? [April 27 at 10:07pm]

Alanna - No.. he just insisted on re-wiring the concession stand after forging his ugly signature. [April 27 at 10:13pm]

Justin - clark? you told me that you were out of wheat twizzlers! liars are not pot-luck luncheons. :( [April 27 at 10:15pm]

Alanna - The goat screamed when we didn't have her size. [April 27 at 10:30pm]

Justin - years later.. cheese bubble gum tasted good as old watering can, cheerios without budget updates. [April 27 at 10:37pm]

Alanna - Read the basket from the soy-soaked leaflet. It does NOT work that way, Sean. [April 27 at 10:49pm]

Justin - Ingrid TOLD me to get in that hippo's gullet! Next time slippery toe rings fall to the top. [April 27 at 10:55pm]

Alanna - The triangular-shaped waffle refused to bend at the sound of Jerry Seinfeld. [April 29 at 10:49am]

Justin - 17 grams of pickled rice krispies, then fold in the q-tips.. [April 29 at 7:12pm]

Alanna - The grizzly denied extra salt as suggested by his neighbor. [April 29 at 11:04pm]

I can't believe we kept it up as long as we did! Laughing with him is one of my favorite things in this world. Plus, I think I won. :)


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