Monday, August 2, 2010

I Am.

I am in love. I am a woman, but I feel like a girl. I am tired. I am a Christian. I am easily amused. I am living in the moment, but I also plan ahead. I am critical. I am frustrated. I am a children's counselor, though I often need counseling myself. I am a freelance make-up artist. I am blessed to be able to do what I'm passionate about on a daily basis. I am an aggressive driver. I am happy. I am emotional. I am fortunate. I have a rewarding job. I have many friends. I have never used an airplane bathroom. I have more than 80 bottles of perfume. I have been attacked by a stupid dog. I have late fees at the library. I have a plan. I have had a tumor, have had broken bones, have had surgeries. I have been judgemental. I have never done drugs. I wish I lived on the beach. I wish I could talk to my grandparents again. I wish for 3 more wishes. I wish everyone I love lived in the same city. I wish college was free. I wish more people left comments on my blog. I want to complain less. I want to just laugh when there's truly nothing I can do about it. I want to live on the beach. I want more motivation. I want to be understood. I want to keep all of my promises. I want to watch a complex movie without having to ask questions. I want to go skydiving. I want children and grandchildren. I want a new car. I want to go back to school. I want a new computer and a new camera. I want to raise another yorkie. I want to be a celebrity makeup artist. I want more clothes. I want to go to Europe, Australia and Hawaii. I want to lose weight without having to try. I fear spiders and bees. I fear losing someone I love dearly. I fear the drivers in Greenville. I fear that when my phone is in my pocket, I might accidentally call someone while talking about something super-private. I fear that I'll make the same mistakes. I hear music. I can hear Romeo crunching on his food. I hear people laughing outside while playing a hefty game of tennis. I wonder what Johnny Depp is doing at this very moment. I wonder what Romeo is thinking about. I wonder why some restaurants are so dang expensive. I wonder if there really are cities in the center of the universe. I wonder why I'm not getting paid more for what I do. I wonder how many people actually read my blog. I wonder what life will be like in 20 years. I regret not buying 2 of the same shirt the last time I was in California, it ended up being my favorite. I regret not wearing my retainer longer than I promised. I regret slacking in college - especially my Bible classes. I regret yelling at someone I respect. I love my family, my friends. I love the way Justin looks at me. I love that he is an amazing husband who loves me unconditionally. I love my perfect doggie, Romeo. I love how he always smells like syrup and brownies, I love kissing his paws. I love to laugh. I love raspberry ginger ale. I love to add extra chocolate chips to desserts. I love to add brown sugar to meals I'm cooking. I love the freedom in my job, I love that I can make my own schedule, take vacation when I want and be as flexible as I want to be. I love really good hugs. I love music and movies. I love to give gifts. I love to eat meat. I love accessories, makeup and perfume. I love palm trees and the beach. I love down comforters and sleeping in. I love to write. I love driving fast. I love making scrapbooks for others. I love paying off debts. I love to throw parties. I love taking videos and pictures of exciting and boring moments in my life. I love God and his constant patience and forgiveness. I always wear my seat belt, although it chokes me and I hate it. I always order the same thing at PF Changs. I always talk things up bigger than they are. I always have to wear earrings. I always sleep with a fan on. I always take my shoes off in my home. I always talk to my mom on the phone. I always give the characters different voices and accents when reading a book. I always listen to music in the car. I always forget to take my thyroid medicine before bed. I always wear my glasses when I read. I always chew gum. I always miss home. I usually have a headache or a migraine. I usually brush my teeth before bed. I usually put Caesar dressing on my salad. I usually procrastinate. I usually go to bed late. I usually drive barefoot. I usually am organized. I am not good at giving speeches or performing under pressure. I am not confident in many things. I am not good at bowling. I sing loud while I'm driving. I sing in the shower. I sing at work. I sing over-exaggerated opera to make Justin laugh. I rarely go the speed limit. I rarely listen to music quiet. I rarely wake up at my first alarm. I rarely get my hair cut. I rarely break out. I rarely take out the garbage (thanks, babe!). I rarely tolerate spicy foods. I rarely fall asleep before Justin. I rarely think or talk about politics. I never unpack within a week (at least) of returning from a trip. I never have been to Mexico. I never can sleep on the floor. I never want to empty the dishwasher. I never want to eat at Bojangles or Church's Chicken. I never check my voicemail. I cry easily: commercials, previews, movies, music. I cry when I'm happy. I cry when I see a man cry. I am not always on time (though I try!).  I am not always good at simple math. I am not always content. I need to be more patient. I need to forget that my clock is set 12 minutes fast. I need to express more appreciation. I need to do laundry. I need to empty the dishwasher. I need to pray more. I think organic food is confusing and overrated. I think most people voted for our president for the wrong reasons. I think this computer is way too slow. I think people can be really rude and obnoxious. I think my friends are rare and special. I think we should think before we speak. I think country music sucks. I think Pauly Shore is funny. I think Conan O' Brien got screwed. I think soccer is boring. I think olive oil is overpriced. I think my parents raised me well. I think I made the right choice. I think you're pretty rad for reading this whole thing ♥


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  1. I read every single one of your posts, even if I don't comment. But I should probably comment more because, like you, I wish I had more comments. I don't know if there are cities in the center of the universe, but there is a restaurant at the end of it (this is from the book "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy"). I think you and I should get together for a girls date soon.


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