Sunday, August 1, 2010

Parking-Lot Idiots

Last night, Justin and I met some friends downtown for dinner. We were lucky enough to find a parking spot in a small parking lot, right near the restaurant - especially on a Saturday night - so we were pretty happy. Dinner was fab and our night moved along smoothly. As we headed back to the lot to leave, we could see it was pretty cramped, as people were fighting for spots. We moved quickly, to surrender our good little spot, and as Justin was about to back out, we noticed there was a car still sitting directly behind us, so we couldn't back out. We waited with our reverse lights on, assuming the man would pull forward so we could get out, but nothing happened. He was even holding up 3 or 4 cars behind him, who couldn't get by. I opened my door to smile at the guy and let him know we were leaving and he could take our spot, or move ahead (or something!), but he wouldn't look at me. Maybe he was waiting for someone to leave? But no one was leaving.. so it didn't make any sense. We waited a little longer. Nothing. Finally, I got out of the car and walked toward his parked car to get his attention.

He fumbled around a little before zooming his window down. I started to ask if he could pull a little forward so we could back out.. Before I could finish my sentance, he says all huff and puffy, "I am calling the POLICE! Someone took my parking spot! I'm calling!"

Whaaat?! Who calls the cops when someone takes your spot!? Not to mention, refusing to let any car move along around him until justice is served?? Is this guy for real? We tried backing out a little further, when Tattle-tale finally moved forward 3 inches. Good grief. Thank goodness we made it out of there before Angry Man showed up to start beating on my window.

All of this parking-lot business reminded me of a little book Justin and I found (and bought) at Urban Outfitters. How many times have you come out to your car, and found some idiot who parked so close to you that you can't even get inside the door?? Or how about the half-wits that take up two parking spots, so you can't find anywhere to park? I guess it's happened more than a billion times to us, so finding this little faux-parking ticket book was like a miniature jackpot. They are perfect to tear out and leave on an idiot's windshield when necessary. The company that makes them - Shinbox Print - have some other really cool little things to check out.

I know we're not the only victims of bad park-jobs, because some people have even dedicated their blogs and sites to making fun of them! Pretty funny!


[Parking Ticket photos source Shinebox Print and Flicker - Kbaird]

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  1. As a parent with a toddler who requires a child seat, this blog made me feel good and furious at the same time! Misery loves company. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who attracts "impared" drivers to park next to me. Having a child makes it even worse: Pushing a shopping cart full of merchandise, my child's shopping quota is maxed, I'm hurring to get everything in the back along with the diaper bag, put the cart away, only to find some douche bag has parked so close to me I cannot open the door more than six inches. Of course this person is parked on the side of the child seat. Have you ever tried to put a screaming two-year old in his car seat from the opposite side of a big ol' Yukon? Believe me, there are words...


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