Friday, August 6, 2010

Weddings, Showers, Parties & Inspiration

I know I'm already married, but I'm obsessed with wedding blogs.

I love the excitement.. I love party-planning.. And a wedding is like Thee Party of Parties to share with all of your closest friends and fam. I love it all. I could spend hours and hours scrolling through invitation ideas, decor, place setting, details and details that make weddings personal and oh-so memorable.

As you know, my younger sister, Vanessa, is tying the knot this September (Eeeeeee!). With all of the wedding blogs I already love and adore, I can't help but browse night-and-day for creative ideas to send her.. On top of it all, I get to throw her 2 (of 4) bridal showers (along with the help of our little sis, Lanae & my friend Stacie) and I am so flippin' giddy about every second of this whole process.

Don't take this the wrong way.. but I wish I could have like 10 weddings. I don't mean different marriages, but can you imagine the opportunity to throw 10 different dream weddings?! Billions of ideas for all different styles and schemes.. Maybe that's why I'm extra excited. Our schemes are so very different (I had a beachy/casual wedding, she's going vintage/formal) so I feel like I get to throw millions of totally new ideas at her.. things I didn't get to do for mine, or things I've seen that would be so ridiculously awesome to incorporate.

I've been planning her bridal showers for months now (is that strange?), and I can't wait! I will be flying up to my homeland - Twin Cities, Minnesota - for V's Big Bridal Shower Weekend at the end of this month. 4 showers in 3 days. It's totally manageable. I'll be hosting (with Lanae) a [Sophia Coppola's] Marie Antoinette-inspired lingerie shower and a relative shower (my mum's side) with a french-inspired theme as well. I so want to share all of my ideas and plans, but obviously I can't, as I want to keep most of it a surprise for Vaness. For now, here's a little Antoinette-inspiration.. Eeeee!!

Can I just say? I am totally obsessed with garland, paper and tulle poms and poufs, tissue flowers, organza.. chiffon.. Oh my, oh my! It's so easy to turn a shower or party into an adorable, whimsical, romantic event with just a few efforts.

A few things I'm loving and creating:


[Sources: Click Marie Antoinette photos for source, Most additional photos found on various sites, and 100 Layer Cake, Hostess with the Mostess, Love Ardently]


  1. OH HEY! I'm delurking myself because I'm the SAME way. I can't get over my wedding blogs and I tell my hubby all the time that I want to have a wedding every 5 years so I can use all the fabulous ideas. :) Oh, and I have that same coffee filter garland saved in my google reader as well. :) -Meredith (from NWC)

  2. Meredith! I totally knew it was you the second I saw 'Maryiodith'! I miss you, married lady! I LOVE that garland! I totally didn't even think to use coffee filters.. I've only found one with cupcake liners (basically the same thing though).. I wanna try the filters now! Glad you said hey :)


  3. I've had wedding photography remorse since, oh, the day I saw my photos. So I've been all about the wedding blogs too, drooling over photos! I love all that gorgeous decor you posted! I think a Marie Antoinette-inspired shower sounds so adorable!


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