Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Uh, Mr. Husky? You've Got The Wrong Place.

Earlier this afternoon - not long after we both got home from work - Justin and I were hanging out in the living room, watching TV, and relaxing. Just a normal, summer day..

All of a sudden, we hear keys going into the lock on our door and we sit in shock, as a large, unknown, sweaty, husky man proceeds to enter into our home. My first instinct was confusion. How the crap does someone have a key to our place? We watch as Mr. Husky walks into our home and closes the door behind him, and just kinda stands there in our entryway, like "Honey, I'm hooome!"

Justin quickly got up and said something like, "Can we help you? I think you're in the wrong place.."
McHusky: "Uhh..Ohh..Umm.. Where's Jason?"
Justin: "Sorry man, you have the wrong place"
Huskers: "Ohh.. ? #936 huh?"
Justin: "Sorry, you're in the wrong place.. This is 937. 936 is across from here"
Husky: "Ohh..uhh..Ok.."

He then, turns around and walks out. No explanation. No apology for 'breaking and entering'.. Nothing.

Whaaaaat?! Are you kidding me right now?!

Justin looked back at me, with a look like "Did that just happen??" He locks the door and comes back to the couch (where I was, jaw-dropped, watching this whole thing happening). We tried to understand for a moment, how in the world he got in our place. We tried to make sense of the situation..
  • How did Mr. Huskyman's key work in our door? Where did he get a key if he knows nothing about these apartments?
  • Why wouldn't Husky knock, if he doesn't own the place?
  • What was going through his head, as he stepped into a fully-furnished apartment, with two strangers sitting comfortably on their couches and a happy little dog running around?
  • Can Husky read? 937 is clearly on the front of our door, plain as day.
  • He looked almost somewhat disoriented.. Maybe he was high? Drunk? Lost?
It was wierd. And creepy. Within minutes, we hear a knock at the door. Justin opened the door cautiously, and there's Mr. Husky again (What is with this dude?!). He still says nothing about him entering into our apartment just moments before, but instead he says, "Can I use your bathroom? The key won't work in 936." What is this guy's problem? Still unwilling to explain anything, or identify himself? I watched Justin look at him for a second before saying, "Sorry, I think you should use the bathroom downstairs, near the Office". The guy responds, "Office?? What? Where? Huh??" (Seriously, is someone pranking us?) And Husky mopes away.

After that I called up to the Office to let them know what just happened. We didn't think the guy was dangerous.. It was just so strange and confusing.

Basically, we found out that there was a guy who just moved in across from us, and we are assuming Mr. Husky came to help the newbie move in. We assume newbie gave Husky a copy of his key? and we realized that we didn't think our door was locked, since I had just gotten home from work and had to unload some groceries, etc. -- which means his key didn't necessarily open our door (it probably fit into the keyhole, but didn't unlock anything). He didn't really have any chance getting in our place again to use our bathroom, since he didn't even bother to explain himself, or even apologize or help us understand what happened. I wanted to feel bad for him, but it was all just so bizarre.

I know I have gone to the wrong house/apartment/front door by mistake.. but I wouldn't just open the door and enter. It's embarassing, yes, but I couldn't possibly just walk away.. the least I could do is say, "Oh wait -- I'm sorry! Wrong place!" I dunno, maybe Huskers was having a blonde-moment. We definitely had a good laugh. Still trying to make total sense of what happened..

Whatev. Thanks to our mystery guest, we will now keep our doors locked at all times!


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  1. OMG, Alanna. That is just crazy! How do all these crazy things happen to you?


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