Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Need the Smell of Summer, I Need It's Noises in My Ear

Life has been crazy. I feel like I haven't posted in forev, but that's just the way it goes. Nothing exactly "shocking" has happened lately, but I've been busy planning my sister's bridal showers among lots of other things. I am getting SO excited to head back home for Shower Weekend.. so many people to catch up with and so little time. I am eccstatic to say I'm planning to go to the MN State Fair while I'm there.. I couldn't miss it. I can't believe I'll be home-home in about a week. Eeee!

Aside from planning, I've been busy with my job, getting ready for the new school year to start (started yesterday). It's always crazy this time of year! I love being in the schools though.. especially the Kindegarten class I visit. Oh my word.. those kiddies are the cutest. I closed with a client of mine today, a teen girl whom I've really enjoyed working with. It's always hard to say 'bye' for some reason or other. New clients to come.. Always interesting!

Had a good weekend. We hung out with friends, laughed and watched one of our faves, Away We Go.
"Do you promise that if I die some embarrassing and boring death, that you're gonna tell our daughter that her father was killed by Russian soldiers in this intense hand-to-hand combat in an attempt to save the lives of 850 Chechnyan orphans?"... "Chechnyan orphans. I do. I do."
We went to dinner with some other friends and tried this amazing chili-cheese dip.. Since then, Justin has been trying to re-create it, and so far all of his attempts have been delish! Hung out with Justin's bros, had pizza and champagne. Went to a baby shower and got a new recipe (Eee!). Speaking of babies -- Our friends Marco & Michelle are expecting their little one any day now! Aughh, I can't wait! I hope she comes before I leave for MN.. I don't wanna miss it!
I have to say I'm pretty disappointed that we barely hit the beach this summer, and now summer is basically over. It's still hot and humid as ever, but now that school started, the leaves will be changing any minute now. Fall is the best, so bring it!

Other than that, life has been non-exciting. Justin and I have been facing a complicated issue with his job. It's been quite stressful and frustrating. All we can do is pray and trust God's in control.

Ok.. That's all for now. Goodnight.


[Lyrics - Brand New, Photo - weheartit]

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