Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Adventures With Marta & Alanna: Round 2 and a Happy New Year

It's crazy to believe that Marta was just here for Thanksgiving, and has already come back for more fun!The day Justin's family left to drive back home to Wisconsin, Marta hopped on a plane to come back down for Round Two. We had just enough time to clean up a little, do some laundry and get ready for another week of company. It was cool that Justin's bro, Levi decided to stay to hang while Marta was in town and through New Years.

We spent the week doing what we do best.. Hanging out, eating, laughing our bums off and making more memories!

Trying to teach Marta how to play Need For Speed
No luck, but OH so entertaining!
Out like a light!
Romeo defended her as we laughed..

Dude. HOW is that comfortable?!
The next day, we hung out and hit the grocery store. For dinner we took them out for yummy one of our favorite Mexican places, Papa's & Beer. Our poor little waitress knew about 5 words in English, which made ordering and question-asking quite challenging! After dinner, we went to see Little Fockers. Holy cow, we we disappointed. The movie totally sucked! It didn't really have anything to do with kids, and it was really mostly random and bland. Too bad.

The next night, we took it easy.. Fabulous PF Changs for dinner and back at our place, we watched Inception (seen it at least 10x and still love it!), played some Dutch Blitz and rocked out to Maroon 5's amazing new album. Bah!

Lettuce wraps, get here already!

Happy New Years Eve! Our original plan was to head downtown for sushi. I tried calling my favorite sushi place and had the most confusing phone conversation with a woman who had no idea how to translate that they didn't take reservations after 6pm. She definitely had us laughing pretty hard.

We decided to skip all the monotany with the Confused Sushi Hostess and downtown traffic, so we met up with Caleb, Melissa & Micah at Copper River Grill.. Best. Burgers. Ever. After waiting for an hour to get a table, we stuffed ourselves silly and then headed back to our place for our oh-so-mini New Years Eve party! Weee!

Waiting and starving!

Justin's plate: Most of the guys ordered "Bigfoot's Mother-in-Law", a 12oz. burger with ham, fried shrimp, jack cheese and anything else you can imagine. Augh!

Happy New Year!

Marta and Justin created a whole new bond, this trip! Haha

Obviously, we had another fabulous time together.. a perfect weekend of silliness and craziness. I can't believe we're already planning Round 3! BRING IT!

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