Saturday, January 1, 2011

Greatest Hits of 2010

Well, another year has come and gone! Like last year, here are my most memorable moments from 2010. Ready?

  • We celebrated Romeo's first birthday! He sure made us proud when we took him downtown to the doggie "Barkery Bistro" for some treats and a new toy. While inside the store, he managed to potty 3 times and poo once in the matter of 10 minutes. I was so embarrassed. 
  • I was rear-ended by some dude, on my way to pick up a client. I ended up with one, crazy (and embarrassing) story during the process of having my bumper replaced. 

  • I did makeup for a Redbook Magazine photo shoot. After all the excitement and anticipation, the article was never published. Total bummer.
  • Our 'Wedding Story' was featured in Belle Magazine!
  • My Mom and sisters flew/drove to visit for an incredible weekend! We saw MUSE in Georgia, ate lots of great food and celebrated their birthdays. It was one of the greatest and most memorable weekends in my life!

  • We celebrated our birthdays with each other and close friends

  • We celebrated Easter with family and delish food.. I introduced Justin to the "art of egg-dyeing" (ha!)
  • My sister and her friend drove from Indiana to visit for a week. We hung out, cooked and spent a few windy (and fabulous) days in Charleston
  • My dear friend, Tiffany got married.. Although it rained, it was one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever been to

  • I did makeup and assistance for my friend Tiffany's fabulous bridal photoshoot at LaBastide
  • I dropped my blackberry in a pot of water, while doing the dishes. The entire experience and replacement to get a new phone was a nightmare
  • My college roomies/good friends Jade & Mulder came down to visit from MN. We relaxed poolside, ate yummy food, saw a movie and made more memories

  • My little brother graduated from High School and began his plans for Army National Guard - BCT
  • Justin and I hosted a LOST costume party, as a farewell to one of the coolest shows EVER
  • Justin's fam came to visit and stay with us for a week.. Of course, we planned our usual beach trip for a few days
  • I began planning 2 very-inspired bridal showers my sister, Vanessa, and booked a flight home for an action-packed weekend in MN

  • My friend Beth invited me to a last-minute trip to Atlanta to see Phantom of the Opera. Fabulous evening of getting the giggles and enjoying my first Broadway show
  • Justin and I had a memorable 4th.. Dinner and crazy people in the mountains, followed by a super fun bonfire with family and friends
  • I was honored to have my very first article published in Belle Magazine
  • I had a blast seeing Rooney live at the Handlebar with my friend Jennie
  • Justin and I enjoyed an amazing, problem-free trip to Charleston.. just us! It was the best trip we've taken since our honeymoon

  • Our friends Marco & Michelle had their baby, Ruby. God really took care of her after having some severe breathing problems and many days in the hospital (Later that month, we found out my Tiffany is expecting!)
  • I flew home to visit family and friends in MN. I hosted (with the help of Stacie and Lanae) 2 bridal showers  for Vanessa, met Lanae's infamous boyfriend and hit the MN State Fair

  • Justin and I booked last-minute flights to MN for Vanessa & Jon's wedding
  • I created Vanessa's wedding programs with lots of help from friends
  • Justin broke his toe and spent 6 weeks out of work
  • We flew home to MN for 13 days: Vanessa's wedding, Mitch left for basic training, many fabulous dinners and nights out with old friends, lots of hot tub 'double date' nights with my Lanae and Jordan, caught up with family & relatives


  • I was featured in Skirt! Magazine for an article about my love of entertaining
  • My friend Marta flew down to SC for her birthday and Thanksgiving.. We had a blast as usual!
  • My parents came down to visit, arriving the day Marta left. Besides hanging out at home and around Greenville, we spent a few days in Fort Jackson for my brother's BCT graduation

  • We saw Skillet live, thanks to some friends of ours who scored some free tickets
  • I hosted an Italian Soiree "Girl's Night" for a bunch of my close friends.. We enjoyed some yummy Italian food, good wine and watched a chick flick
  • Justin's family drove down for Christmas and stayed with us for about a week
  • The day the fam left, Marta came back to visit! She stayed for 5 days and we celebrated New Years together

Miscellaneous Pictures from 2010

Happy New Year!


  1. Such a fun and full year! I'm so glad that you guys came into our lives this year! Lovies!

  2. I'm so glad too, friend!!! xoxo

  3. I agree with Beth - I'm so glad we met you guys in 2010 and have become such great friends! Lookin' forward to even more fun this year!


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