Saturday, January 29, 2011

Romeo: Before & After

Obviously, Romeo is notorious for his shaggy little look, but it was time. I should be embarrassed to say that he hasn't had a haircut since {literally} last April. My sister and her friend came to visit and Romeo's hair was so long that he had begun to create his own little dreadlocks. I was devastated when his hair lady, Judith (and boy does he love her!) told me he would need a "shave" since he was so knotted up. AH! I felt like the worst mom in the world. I don't brush him every single day because I forget, and normally he's fine and snarl-free. Seriously, other than show-dogs, does anyone honestly brush their dog everyday? Besides, when we give him his baths, I can usually work the tangles out and he's good-to-go. I know in my post from last April, I said that we would probably not go back to Petsmart because it's so stinkin' expensive. I guess it's worth it, if we can maintain about 1 haircut a year! So we made the appointment.

Although this time, he didn't have dreads (yet) and his hair wasn't quite as long as last time he needed to get shaved, he was overdue for some grooming. He was looking like a little scrappy pup. We dropped him off this afternoon, and 2 hours later he was a new man! I have to say I do miss his crazy little bed head, but I'm sure it feels so good for him to have his 'Young Depp' hair out of his eyes.

He's almost unrecognizable, but I'm sure he feels 10x better! Do you like him better as a shagster or a clean-cut pup?


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  1. I definitely prefer the trimmed look! I love the 2nd after photo. He totally looks like he's posing. So cute <3

  2. If it means he feels better, then trimmed up, but if he's not upset about it, then I choose the shagster look! Maybe somewhere in between. He's just the type who looks good with either long or short hair. Such a movie star!

  3. Oh Alanna, he's just the cutest little fur ball I've ever seen! I love his shagster look. Seriously, this reminds me of Liam's before and afters. So shaggy then all shaven. It's funny and sad how differently they look afterward.


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