Friday, January 1, 2010

Greatest Hits of 2009

I feel it's only appropriate, as it's NEW YEARS DAY, that I reflect on some of the most memorable things that have happened in our lives in 2009. Yeah, yeah, most people might do a top-10 list, but I'm not. 2009 ROCKED and it makes me giggle just trying to remember all of the craziness that has gone on. Here we go.


  • My good friend, Jade came to visit. Aside from an eventful and dramatic weekend, we watched marathons of The Office and laughed our heads off.
  • Justin and I bought our first pet (a fish), Hercules went to live in the ocean 7 months later.
  • I cooked my first turkey for a Belated Thanksgiving Dinner with our friends. The thing weighed 27lb. and I know this, because we weighed it on the scale in the workout room (Pictures).
  • We bought a 57" big-screen tv from a friend which the men had to miraculously haul up 6 flights of stairs to our apartment


  • Justin and I become masters of Scrabble, Rummikub and Boggle & Homemade BBQ Chicken pizza.


  • Justin and I celebrate our birthdays! Surprise party for Justin (Pictures) and for mine (the big 2-5), Justin surprised me with a puppy!! Our son, Romeo is one of the greatest blessings, he brings so much joy to our lives! (Pictures of Romeo, Pictures of My Birthday)
  • We met Kyle & Mulder (one of my good friends and her husband from MN) in Charlotte for a yummy lunch @ Cheesecake Factory - It was so great to catch up!!
  • I was attacked by one of my client's dogs (chow mix), whom enjoyed chomping on my leg and put me immobile for a few weeks. Thanks a lot.
  • My brother and his friend come down to visit for Spring Break. As I was temporarily handicapped from the dog-bite, I got to enjoy watching them "be boys" - Responding to everything with "Really?! WOW." Aside from hitting the beach in Charleston, I especially enjoyed watching Mitch perfect his wheely skills on an abaondoned wheelchair he found at our apartment complex (Pictures, More Pictures).


  • We celebrated our 6-month wedding anniversary with a weekend in Asheville, NC. We had the best time trying new food, exploring the city and rocked out at an amazing show at the Orange Peel (Pictures).
  • Enjoyed a "Happy Easter" package from back home.


  • My grandpa passed away. I flew back home to MN for the funeral and for some time with family and a few friends. My sisters and I had some good laughs remembering my grandma (who passed away in November 2008) and all of her crazy and amazing jewelry (Pictures).


  • Justin's family comes down from Wisconsin to visit for a week! We went to the beach for a couple days and hung out in Greenville (Pictures).

  • July

    • We held "NugFest" at Chick-Fil-A with friends for all-you-can eat nuggets... Justin maxed out at 30 nugs. Oof. (Pictures).
    • Justin began his new pressure-washing business, Hydro-Shine!
    • Took a spontaneous, late-night roadtrip to Folly Beach and waited for the sun to come up (Pictures).


    • Inspired by the movie, Julie & Julia I threw a French party/Girl's Night. Everyone brought french foods, we sipped Pastis with Champagne and watched Chocolat (Pictures).
    • We took a 9-day vacation as we drove up to the Midwest to visit our families and friends! We helped throw a surprise party Luau for my dad's 50th birthday, watched movies at the drive-in, wedding-dress shopped with my sister, Vanessa, went to the MN State Fair a few times and caught up with old friends. THEN, we headed down to WI to celebrate Justin's parents 30th anniversary for more time with family and see my best friend, Marta and her adorable daughter Georgia (MN: Pictures, Pictures, Pictures, Pictures and WI: Pictures, Pictures and more Pictures!).

    • I did make-up for Greenville's Twestival's runway show - organized by our good friend, Ali
    • We celebrated Justin's big purchase of all his equipment needed for his new business and his first big job


    • Justin and I celebrated our 1-Year Wedding Anniversay by spending the weekend at Folly Beach where we were married. We enjoyed staying in an ocean-front hotel, relaxed on the beach, tried lots of new food and laughed our faces off over a romantic anniversary dinner (blog post, Pictures).
    • My best friend, Stacie, convinced me to start this blog!!!


    • We saw Brand New and Thrice performing in Charlotte, NC. Justin's brother, Levi, drove down from VA to rock out with us... What an insane night (blog post, Pictures)!
    • A few weeks later, we drove to Atlanta to see my ALLTIME favorite, Imogen Heap. Not only was the show absolutely incredible, but before the show, we got to meet her face to face (blog post, Pictures)!


    • My sister, Vanessa, drove down from Indiana for a long weekend of baking, laughing and celebrating an early Christmas (blog post, Pictures).
    • We spent a fun Christmas in Virginia with Justin's family - lots of stories (blog post, Pictures)!!

    Miscellaneous Pictures from 2009

    Married Life & More - Album 1

    Married Life & More - Album 2

    Romeo's Fashion Show

    Hello, Fall!


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